Slava Severyukova About Reincarnation

Slava Severyukova About Reincarnation

“Each of us appear on Earth in a certain year, month, date, hour and second with his mission assigned by the Higher Mind. Strictly coded until the moment it was presented to us. We can change events, not destinies. Therefore, the relationship with God should not be weakened.

“The path of evolution is long, steep. The perfection of our spiritual essences while incarnated is aided by the fact that, having once existed, we then repeatedly manifest on Earth. We come in flocks, accompanied by those closest to us. The goal is to prove ourselves by going through certain tests. It is performed in many incarnations.”

“The course of life is strictly predetermined. The events that follow us are not random, but deserved. The possible choice comes down to this – to realize them with good or evil.”

“The soul and spirit are not devoid of “flesh” – they are made of super rarefied matter. Therefore, they are almost invisible and very difficult to reach.”

Immortal is the soul, a spark of Eternity. Death is not stronger than life because the key to death is life. It doesn’t cross it out. We outlive death. After dying, we do not disappear. It is a sign of transience, that changes existence.”

“The experiences of the human soul from the second of conception and birth to natural termination are strictly pre-planned. Not everyone is mature enough to penetrate beyond the veil. Most people are blind to the “mystery” of life and… its mirror image. They have no knowledge. And their faith is weak.”

“Our naked souls are equal before God. Many on Earth are under the yoke of the ego. The rich and the powerful suffer from it more than anyone else. Remember, there is an unwritten eleventh commandment of God. Captivated by your own omnipotence, do not forget it: “Foolishness is sin.” Never lose your sense of proportion, your modesty and your faith!”

“Reincarnation is guided by karma. Because of it, a person appears many times on Earth. A previous life prefigures his path. The purpose is to “upgrade” and elevate the soul. Karmic debt is necessarily paid in the next or several earthly manifestations. It is not necessary to meet at all costs with the person with whom it is entangled, but it must be cleared up.”

“When does the soul enter the body? And this is a great secret… Hardly anyone would reveal it. I will try to enlighten you. Somewhat. The man carries the spirit within himself. The Bible says “Abraham’s seed.” A woman feels the child only from the fourth month onwards, when it starts kicking into her womb. I told you, somewhat… The hardest thing in this world is to dare to feel with the mind of the heart and to think for yourself.”

“For those who have attained perfection, the sufferings during the looming evolutionary stages cease. Reincarnation for them is then absolutely unnecessary.”

“Many times we dive into the river of life, to free ourselves from the dusty layers of the Past. And we feel reborn, shaken from the cobweb captivity of our souls obsessed with previous existences, with which we are conflictually or nobly bound. What rose does not rise from the mud? Its path – a bumpy stem of thorns. At the top – a handful of preserved tenderness with an irresistible divine aroma.”