Slava Sevrykova About Judgment Day

Slava Sevrykova About Judgment Day

“Don’t be afraid. There will be no such grand process over souls. This has been imputed to the anxious confused minds of men for millennia. Through the terrifying fears that the “officials of the spirit” have been sowing from time immemorial, they have succeeded in becoming a world power. No. Such a phenomenon actually takes place, but it is deeply embedded in the essence of each of us.

If the scorching fire of God’s spark – the conscience – awakens and burns, before you have left this world, you will truly experience the Last Judgment, and not elsewhere, but here on Earth. Know – everyone is responsible before the court of Conscience! No matter how much it is suppressed and silenced, it smolders even in the souls of the most fallen, blasphemed God in themselves men.”

“You should not be alarmed by the threat with which they edifyingly frighten us – hell. There is no hell. There is no heaven. In no case be afraid that in the Hereafter you will be fried in cauldrons, snakes and other terrifying creatures will torment you. Never, never!… If these worrisome apprehensions take root in your mind, you will produce dark self-judgmental thought-forms on Earth. They will be in your confused minds while you are in the flesh. Think, but calmly, with reason: isn’t paradise sometimes what we want? And hell what we achieve in our ignorant unmeasured desires?

Therefore strive for a change for good. But above all, have wisdom and a sense of measure in everything. And may God give you the courage to mature and discover the Truth, the strength to follow it and the will to uphold it! And most importantly, be good. It’s easy to do good, it’s hard to be good.

With the end of the life path, the spirit will float away from Earth with what we have all made on the planet – light and dark. In the invisible settlements it “comes to life”. If it is bad, the shaggy evil in the souls will haunt and torment you. Now then, I tell you, it will be scary…

Be careful! Let only Reason (the spear of the Higher Power) guide you! Keep the Purity within you! And be alert!”

“How many times have I “penetrated” into the Otherworld… I tell you, there are no devils there either. They come to life from the thought-forms of the ripening desire in souls for the redemption of guilty consciences. This does not mean “let’s just live a simple and irresponsible life”. No. Strive for humility and sincerity. It is enough. If you achieve and stand them, before you will be the gates of heaven. Lies, pride, malice, if they are not realized and overcome, are embers in the pyres of hell…”