Slava Sevrykova About Adam and Eve

Slava Sevryukova About Adam and Eve

“Adam and Eve are not the names of the first people, but generalized symbols of the sexual division in man. More sophisticated, naked, no more than a meter tall, they are heavily haired. Quite different from the popular frescoes, sculptures, paintings and other pictorial representations of the first biblical couple. Carriers of a mixture of instincts, but also of rudiments of intellect. After the spiritual, they also acquire sexual differentiation. This gives them a powerful boost in evolutionary ascent.

This is implied in the Bible as well, but most people have difficulty reading the Genesis section. The evolution of the human race from millions of years ago is represented there in code. In these eras the number 7 is leading: 700, 7000, 70,000, 700,000 years. Metaphorically, the evolution of the sapiens from a lower being to a spiritual man is implied in the Holy Scriptures. I am convinced – we will get to deciphering it. Following the Compendium of Sacred Wisdom, I venture to say: the “Genesis” section should be read last. If you start from it, you will hardly understand what follows. You might miss it or be left with the impression that the writing is incomprehensibly boring. Correct interpretation is important. With the mind of the heart.”

“The Creator threw Adam and his descendants into a fever – the world began to search for the sanctity of the missing unity in the spouse. Polarity is a path to wholeness. From that time to the present day, man and woman, once one, never cease to search for each other in the innermost SELF. Sometimes they even run away from themselves to find themselves in the other…”

 “With the appearance of Eve, the world is now for two. A late, completely different stage of evolution. Life takes a new path – from the hermetic “heavenly unity” – through the Tree of Knowledge – to penetration into the boundless diversity of being. These much more reasonable and spiritualized creatures are resolutely pushed forward in spiritual development. This distinguishes them from other terrestrial creatures. Rediscovering our early roots, we are carriers of their genetic matrix.”

“The serpent is wisdom, and this wisdom if you accept it with all your soul and do not show any doubt and leave yourself absolutely to wisdom, remember that you will be patronized by the higher beings, i.e. you will have that wisdom that you can only get through the higher beings. And conversely, if you deny or doubt wisdom, this wisdom with the same power is feared by the serpent. Therefore if you are careless of the Higher Light, that is what the serpent-tempter was to the human soul.”

“The elements that make up the Cosmos and the earth’s crust also exist in our body. Hence the expression “From dust we are made.” Man and woman are, in fact, “two legs” with which Humanity, since Creation, has been constantly pushed forward.”

“The creation of the woman from the rib of the man is symbolic because the flesh is one. This later happened – at first they had no genders, they reproduced by fission. Then the sexes parted for the sons of God to enter. The separation of the sexes came because with the fission it was very difficult. That is why these beings (women) came – with a beautiful image and body, to distinguish themselves and attract the opposite sex.”

Paradise in Eden, this is the awakening of the human spirit, which, by the will of the Supreme Spirit, has become free and separated from those beings (animals) with which it was identical. Paradise is what gave man some light, but also the right to choose.

“The biblical Eden is the place inhabited by God and the Higher Hierarchy. They constantly help us in our spiritual growth. Do not imagine that the Supreme Power, Christ and the Holy Spirit only care about us and only on Earth. They ennoble the whole universe.

“Eve gave life first to Cain, and then to Abel, because evil, heaviness, darkness (Cain) had to appear first in order for a person to distinguish between good and evil. If there were no sin, it would be difficult to define the goodness of the human soul.