Slava Sevryukova About Alexander The Great

Slava Sevryukova About Alexander The Great

“Well built. With tanned skin, brown hair with blond shades. A man of unsurpassed scope. It’s not in his nature to show off. Tired of long walks, the young king relaxes on skins spread on the ground. Indulging in a restful sound sleep. Only a person with a clear conscience can sleep like that.”

“I see him thirsty on a grueling desert trek, covered in sweat and dust. They bring him water. “What about the others?” he asks. “The last drops, your majesty…” and he splashes the water on the sand “Whatever for them, same for me…”

“As far as I can see, his hand has not taken the life of a single human being… A recklessly brave man. They kill on his orders, he does not. He never gets his hands dirty with human blood. Games of fate are hard to predict. Should the young king’s life be risked in the “great carnage”? Creates a magnetic impression of personal participation in the battles. He gets really involved in them, but they develop in such a way that it never gets to a dangerous fight for him.”

“Alexander is not stupid. Although he is “protected by the Gods”, he knows: he should not die like that, with a light hand, the strongest ruler in the world… His grandiose work should not fail. I see him – he is still in front. He leads the army. The heart inspires it. His spirit seems to feed on challenges and dangers. For him, war is a way of life. He is the battering ram of his army. He boldly throws himself into the sharpest risky skirmishes. He is incredibly lucky. He gets wounded more than once… But, I see, he doesn’t hit anyone personally. In a tight circle around him is his Iron Kingsguard. Impenetrable protection. Therefore, there is no direct contact with the enemy. True, he “participates” on the front flank in all battles, raising the morale of his troops, but he is extremely diligently guarded.”

“He is spectacularly realizing the dream he has dedicated his life to. He achieves what is impossible for others. In everyday life, subject to superhuman tension, he successfully copes with the challenges of fate. He is obsessed with the myth of his own persona. But a megalomaniac?… No, he’s not. The way I see it, he’s just an empowered bold dreamer. Although he conquers the world, he does not imagine himself to be its center. After a while, however, his pride got the best of him. And it cost him his life.”

“In the rare minutes of leisure, as it is revealed to me, he knows how to be among people. To rejoice from the heart. His most distinguishing quality, as I observe, is the pursuit of justice. Resists it at all costs.”

“A Chosen One who advanced the ‘plan of providence’ for worldwide renewal.” Strong spirit. Born with a higher mission, succeeds in fulfilling it. Accelerates the evolution of nations. Evil can win temporary battles, but wars – never. In his turbulent life, Alexander is an instrument of Light”

“After leaving the world, the spiritual essence of the “king-legend” was realized several more times on Earth. He was a statesman again. He ruled wisely and justly. And he is about to visit us again. Always with difficult missions.”

“Alexander is very far from intrigues and unworthy fights. He is a person of the Great Deed.”