Slava Sevryukova About Ancient Civilizations

Slava Sevryukova About Ancient Civilizations

“Atlantis, as revealed to me, is a reality. In front of me is the island. A highly advanced country flourished there. Unlike other civilizations, it managed to reach a fairly high level of development, but took the wrong path. It is not as spiritually developed as it is supposed to be. And this civilazation disappears into the ocean. That’s all. Is it any wonder? More than once, large-scale cataclysms break out on Earth. As far as I can see, there are new ones to come… Other important cultures appeared, prospered, and were ingloriously destroyed – in Africa, India, Egypt, North and South America. Every civilization is exhausted if it fails to take a decisive step towards Spirituality.”

“Yes, there were ancient cultures. Long before man, other humanoid civilizations arose, flourished and collapsed. They died a long, long time ago. A sad failure. They failed to survive due to unfitness. Not all are of our genetic-evolutionary type…”

“The planet has been seeded with Intelligence more than once. Those beings simply could not walk the evolutionary path encoded in them. Unfit to fulfill their spiritual mission, their civilizations have failed. Not every creation of the Higher Power is sustainable enough.”

“The Higher Mind preserves limited populations of some of the creatures that inhabit the Earth. Such are the plesiosaurs of Loch Ness, the “Big Step” in the Himalayas and many others. Why do you wonder about the Yeti – even today the equatorial jungles are inhabited by unknown primitive tribes and races. Evolution rarely loses its hard-won creations.