Slava Sevryukova About Animals and Plants

Slava Sevryukova About Animals and Plants

“Be considerate of animals. They are at a lower evolutionary stage of development, and we must support them. They attach to us truly, unreservedly. They truly love us, and unlike us, they wouldn’t let us down for anything in the world.”

“Reserved, silent interlocutors, and in their fragile core feelings push to come out. More delicate than us, and in their supposed millennial silence they resemble God. Hypocrisy is covered by words, not silence. Silence is a great power. The most beautiful things on earth are quiet, inconspicuous.”

“We do not yet know the laws to which plants and animals are subject to. They, like us, are bearers of divine origin. They respond to love. They suffer in silence, if we react with distaste.”

“I communicate with plants and animals as with humans. It is not difficult. Those who do not understand it have a problem with the light of the sun during the day, the people and the noise of the machines. At night they are bothered by the silent horror of darkness.”

“If something is given to you with love, never refuse. As you leave, you will feel lightness from the beneficial charge of the message. But that does not apply to plucked flowers.”

“If the offered bouquet is oppressed by hidden torments and pains, even if it is absolutely sincere and well-intentioned in its feelings, through the mutilated plants they will overflow into your soul. With the poor expiring creatures human sorrow is unconsciously communicated. Then the recipient will feel oppressed, crushed. He will suffer undeservedly. It’s different with potted flowers. The strength of their life energy field does not allow them to become unwitting bringers of other people’s suffering.

“Flowers and animals are not only living, but also intelligent creatures. Sources of touching messages – they feel our presence, expect, suffer with us, for us. They give us lessons in love and beauty with the most irresistible weapon – silence.”

“Animals and plants communicate with the forces of nature. They feel a sense of attachment. If we are away from home, they get sad. Our torments torment them. They respond to our problems with compassion. They spread life-giving light and love.”

“The contact with them enriches you. By studying them, we will become better and more perfect. In some respects, although this is still unacceptable to many, they are even superior to us. They don’t experience death as tragically as we do.”

“Let us not neglect and kill the mystery of the hardy genes embedded in our being from the dawn of the first man.” Life has always flourished among the oases of the animal and plant world. Until then, while we inhabit the realm of preserved nature, the subtle membranes of our souls will survive.”

“Flowers are messengers of Good. Directed towards the light, they spread a pleasant mood. More humane in a sense, it is impossible for them to do evil – they do not oppose anyone. On the contrary, they spread fragrance with the colors of beauty. They bring only joy. Spiritually, lower than animals. But no less sensitive than them to our actions, expressed and unshared thoughts. Imbued with purity and love for the world, with their radiant tenderness they are part of our lives.”

” If I’m sad, they shrink. If I caress their blooming multi-colored shirts, if I speak to them with love, if I kiss their nectar lips, they revive.”

“After many years every animal will acquire a soul. And now they are not deprived of it, but it is grouped soul, not individual.”

“Domestic animals are useful. If dark forces, an evil person or even just a negative thought invades your home, they are the first to react. Thought is energy. The shock wave of evil hits them first. Their energy system is weak, more vulnerable than ours. This is how they protect us from time immemorial… Dulling the destructive blows, they nobly protect us. They help us preserve humanity. It is good to keep at least one animal at home or in the yard. Contact with them preserves our souls from the wood-eater of alienation, gouging the thinning core of Humanity. “

“Animals in a narcissistic age, in which we consider ourselves the most elevated beings on the planet, are more sentient than we are. They predict earthquakes and other cataclysms. They recognize beings from the astral. They spontaneously react to dangerous encounters between worlds.”

“Domestic animals have seven stages of evolution. The horse is at the highest level. Next is the dog and the cat. The dog has always been the guardian of the house from the outside, the cat – from the inside. Their fur forms weak electrical charges. When touched, it takes away the accumulated internal tension. Freeing from overload, it protects us healthily. Their effect is most favorable on people suffering from neuroses, mental and other diseases. Similar electric charges, of course, exist in other domestic animals, but they are much weaker. And not everyone is so well-intentioned towards us.

Our distant ancestors, having sharpened senses and increased intuition, have sheltered and cared for precisely these creatures since time immemorial. That’s how they turned them into pets. The dog – guardian of the yard, the cat – of the room.

Every inferior power, bearer of aggression, is stopped and restrained. That is why the dog is put on duty – to guard the sanctity of the home from the outside. The cat inside.

Regardless of level, contact with animals is beneficial. In order not to impoverish Humanity. If we can’t understand their language, how are we going to do it among ourselves?”