Slava Sevryukova About Astrology

Slava Sevryukova About Astrology

According to Slava Sevryukova, the birth year, month, date, hour and second are a kind of code for the mission that the Higher Mind has assigned to each of us. Therefore, through his activity, a person can model many of the events of his earthly life, but he cannot change his destiny. We alone can guide it through thoughts, feelings and deeds. The only thing that changes fate is strong faith and love.

 “The all-powerful queen Astrology was once an infallible science revealing the relation of heavenly bodies to earthly destinies. Its elite representatives have revealed the universal memory recorded with star rays. Impeccably accurate directions are provided.

People used to be much more intuitive than they are today. They confidently read destinies, preparing for the exams of the future. In those days, the once great astrology was available only to a narrow circle of initiates. An aristocratic occupation. Precise knowledge, strictly passed down from father to son.

In order for predictions to be absolutely accurate, not only the days and hours, but also the second of cutting the human umbilical cord must be counted. From that moment of starting along the line of life, a a person’s destiny emerges. And he takes on the world – full with happiness for some, and sadness – for others.

Now many “listen to star voices”, giving them their own interpretations. They imagine they understand the dictates of Fate – the capricious ruler.”

  “The stars barely perceptibly move. Compared to ancient times, some constellations have slightly shifted their position. This affects both astronomy and astrology. The zodiac is not accurate. But people of a certain zodiac sign still have touchable qualities and similar life paths. The rest is a matter of evolution.”

“The signs of the zodiac are not twelve, but thirteen. Over the millennia, significant shifts in time have occurred. The starting dates of the zodiac signs have been changed many times since then.”

“The star map is a ‘passport bearing the stamp of our destiny,’ but not of predestined destiny.”

“Karmic Astrology! How is it possible! The present life is not over, and they smugly rub their hands, calculating the future. What about not knowing the mechanisms of reincarnation! When one existence has not ended, it is blasphemous to speak of the next. Sudden changes occur until the last moment. Karma is cleansed until the last breath from the earthly journey. The law of harmony and just retribution forms the coming incarnation. I am convinced – Humanity will understand and fix this after years. Great love, faith and sacrifice overcome the influence of the planets. They can cross out even karma. Wisdom conquers fate!”

“In time the weaknesses of astrology will be overcome. It will be updated and updated. To resurrect ancient mighty science in its wondrous splendor. Deserved to regain popularity. Where is wisdom permanently stored if it wasn’t the truth? Stars and planets will once again speak with an authentic voice.”

“Too many people blindly trust in the heavenly luminaries. Too few— trust the Starmaker…”