Slava Sevryukova About Hitler

Slava Sevryukova About Hitler

“In his previous existence he was Nero. At that time he had a powerful creative impulse, but despite his high position in Rome, he could not realize it. This is repeated in his latest incarnation as a Nazi leader.”

Hitler was not killed – he went into hiding and lived until the mid-1950s. He emigrated under a foreign identity in Latin America. And despite the illnesses at the end of his life, the evil genius of humanity retains a demonic aura. Until his last earthly day, Hitler did not repent of his Satanic deeds. He does not ask for forgiveness from the souls of the dead, whom he thoughtlessly sent to the other world. The snake dance in the head of the overthrown dictator does not stop. Thus he accumulates even blacker karma. More than other Nazi villains, this dark soul will answer to the Higher Light for the deliberate genocide against Humanity and common sense.”

“Hitler has not yet manifested himself in flesh and blood on Earth. That won’t be soon… A discarded ragged child, in his new incarnation Hitler will be a future Gavroche. Neither mother nor father he will know. It will be so because he has left millions of orphaned children in the world. He will live in miserable poverty. He will be insulted and beaten. He will be laughed at and ignored. He must experience thousands of “injustices”, endure enormous pains. This is the price for the suffering of countless human beings whose destinies have been broken through his fault. He will “pay” for the cruelty of the greatest six-year world war madness he has started, unleashing the blind elements of hell.

Hitler’s soul, unlike Stalin’s, is not so primitive. It is more weakly attracted by the earth’s solid. Therefore, despite its negatives, it will be reborn over longer time intervals. This is no less unpleasant. It will melt, painfully cleaning itself, here. It will suffer in the Beyond. The great music of the universe excludes disharmony. Only the fire of Love burns away evil. Forever. Hitler’s dark spiritual essence would incarnate many times on Earth over vast spans of time. And it will still be like a neglected wretch. His upcoming incarnations will be systematically repeated until he redeems the accumulated mass of negativity with incredible suffering.

Adolf Hitler embodied a huge dark spirit that came to Earth with a mission. The spirit of a fallen angel.”