Slava Sevryukova About Jack London

Slava Sevryukova About Jack London

“This man writes with extraordinary ease! Amazing! His thoughts flow like a river… I see him – in a wide-brimmed white hat, light checkered shirt, linen trousers. Talented but not a believer…

He has financial success, but his home is never opulent. The noted author of short stories and novels did not die of natural causes… I see a woman. She is like a housekeeper. She knows about the violent tragedy that befell him, but she keeps it quiet in front of law enforcement. She fears for her life. And with reason. She was “pressured” by others… It was a precisely committed crime. He was hit in the back of the head with a blunt object in such a way as to resemble an accident. He was found still alive but unable to speak… Those who brutally attacked and robbed him were bribed by others… Is there anything more deceitful in this world than money? What more than money awakens the blind, ugly desires of man?…

I see… It’s about settling old disputes. In his wild youth, Jack London was an incorrigible adventurer. Then he created merciless, and as I notice, also terrible, cruel enemies… In revenge, the murderers set fire to his house. As I “can see”, after years his home has been completely restored.

Not long after Jack London’s end, it is revealed to me, his ever-seeking spirit quickly incarnated on Earth because he died under violent circumstances. This is what happens to most people who have not fully fulfilled their mission in life. …I see him – he is a baby. He will live a little. He will be gone from our world far too soon. The short-lived existence is necessary for two reasons. First, Jack London’s existence was prematurely cut short. Therefore, his spiritual essence strives for a new earthly realization. Second (and this is more important) – reincarnation as a child, who will die early, is necessary not for him in the next life, but for the souls that gave life the little creature. It is a test for his parents, who will have to learn important lessons from their child’s death. Trials, as well as joys, are not without purpose. They support the growth of souls. The generated karma that so quickly brought this disordered spiritual entity into the light of day is not his in this case.

Having never been able to finish what he started, he is about to realize himself once again as a writer in his next life. However, he will not write with the previous inimitable ease. There will be some delays. Deep down, without being fully aware of it, his soul will repent of his mistakes. And, oppressed by this, he will have to bear to the end the burdens of delusions from the time of the wild youth of the adventurer Jack London.

This is what happens to Jack London. In his later life, as I have already mentioned, he will manifest and realize himself again as a writer. His soul will then be much more refined. He will not commit gross mistakes, as in the turbulent gold-seeking youth.”