Slava Sevryukova About Jesus Christ

Slava Sevryukova About Jesus Christ

I saw the son of God in his human manifestation on Earth. Tall, slender with warm brown eyes, brown hair almost to the shoulders – choppy and soft. Beard with a slightly reddish tint. Gentle, graceful hands. Noble traits. Charming, captivatingly beautiful. The correct word is magnetic. Once you see Him, you cannot take your eyes off Him even for a moment. Such was Jesus, who bore the suffering of the world, which collected “all the salt of the earth”…

I examined him carefully – the two halves of his face were perfectly symmetrical. It is not so with any mortal. The two components of the human face are not exactly the same. It is said that the left half is inherited from the mother, the right half from the father. Transporting myself in time, I see: the left half of the face is predetermined by the previous life. The right is genetically accepted by the current parents. And the face of Jesus was overproportioned. The two halves are exactly the same. You can guess why, right? Because he had never before come in flesh on Earth. This incredible symmetry gave it an irresistible charm and appeal. Unrepeatable appearance. He attracted thousands of people who listened to his words with enthusiasm. This is what the son of God looked like on earth – the most beautiful Jew in the world!

Although he is an itinerant preacher, I have never seen him go to India or Tibet. Apart from the forced journey as a child in Egypt, which the Bible speaks of, he was only on Jewish land.”

“The impact of the Son of God was strong – all bathed in light. His aura had a divine radiance… I saw Jesus writing with a stick in the sand. He was surrounded by his followers. They looked at him with interest, but also with suspicion. Timid, insecure. They didn’t believe him. He performed miracles just like that, before their eyes. But in their hearts they doubted. They had a hard time understanding him. He was talking about the Kingdom of Heaven. After all, they naively expected him to become an all-powerful earthly ruler. And they diligently prepared for his deputies. The most zealous apostle Peter even denied Him three times, in moments of supreme trials. And then for the rest of his life he bitterly regret it.

The hour of Enlightenment had come. Only when they crucified the Savior and painfully died on the cross, and then miraculously resurrected, did they realize – among them was not a human being, but an embodied manifestation of the Universal Soul.”

“Listen well. What I am about to convey to you will be difficult for you to accept. It is said: “Christ will come again to Earth and every knee will bend to see him… Oh, how I longed to see when this would happen! And I felt like it. But what? Not what you expect, no. The truth is completely different. Listen.

God’s son is now the Word. Universal soul. He never appeared on Earth as claimed to be a “redeemer.” The merchants, who from time immemorial have profited from the temple, try in vain to make it so. It redeems nothing, but only instructs those who “have ears to hear and eyes to see” with insight. He is rather our Savior – with life, personal example and messages.

He is not about to be reborn on Earth as a human being in flesh and blood, as they, the cunning peddlers of ideas, try to deceive us. Divine, much higher is the Supreme Design.

In time the son of God will dwell in every rational human being. It will merge with it. This will gradually change it.

Christ is the New Man. Man – until the end of the coming age. (2,800) The bearer of the virtues of the Future. We are going to the Hereafter. We will be back. We will go again… And more and more these virtues will be embedded in us.

And you will see Christ in your brother, in your sister, and they in you. How? – With the virtue that you will achieve, with the price of overcoming trials in more than one incarnation, you will no longer be what you were. You will become finer and better. And also the brother, the sister…

Man will be as much Christ as Christ is in him. This is how I see the Second Coming. Do you understand? And not, as it is interpreted, that the Savior would come a second time in flesh and blood to us. To dispense justice with a “flaming sword.” Again to guide, to preach. How long? Why? Have we not learned our lessons from His Great Lesson for two millennia? Haven’t we improved? Haven’t we wised up a little bit? It has been said: “The door behind which virtue meekly awaits us is hard to open; the door behind which vice tempts us is hard to close…”

“Listen… Not beauty, goodness in man will save the world. Is there anything more charming on this Earth than this?

There is no trodden path to God. He is Compassion and Love. It will be in us and with us if we have preserved Humanity. The fruits of the good we have done will then never be taken away from us. Never, never. Not in this existence, not in the next. But if our path does not start from the heart, let’s not expect it to be smooth and calm…”

“Where is he now? And this is what I prayed to “see”, but I was told: “Don’t you dare! It is an ingredient of God, a part of the Whole. A golden-silver pearly glow radiating Universal Love. Light. All-powerful, all-encompassing, burning. And strong. You can feel it, not see it. Whoever tries to catch a glimpse of it will go blind. Huge energy. If a man in the flesh touches It, he will be instantly burned to ashes.”