Slava Sevryukova About Noah's Ark

Slava Sevryukova About Noah’s Ark

“There was a truly colossal natural cataclysm. The waters once spread very wide… But not absolutely over the entire Earth, as described in the Bible, no. They covered the areas of Mesopotamia and present-day Palestine. The water area of the Black Sea then rose, reaching all the way to the Caucasus. In those days on a thinly populated Earth, the disaster was accepted as a worldwide sacred catastrophe. The few survivors were terribly impressed. They interpreted it as “deserved punishment of God on self-forgetful people”. Therefore, disturbing traces of it are preserved in most religions and legends around the world.”

“Noah, as I see it, is also a real figure. During his lifetime he did not have the fame that is attributed to him today. A spiritually exalted being, he saw the impending danger. And managed in a simple but ingenious way to take adequate rescue measures.”

I also saw Noah’s ark – a wooden square. It is not true that he accommodated all the animals. This wise man took only his family, some of his livestock and some local animals. He didn’t bother to collect pairs of lions, giraffes, snakes, lizards, crocodiles, zebras, as they present him today… Was it necessary? Or even possible? Reason with your mind. It is a much later invention, when this penetratingly bright personality has already been mythologized.”

“Before the Flood, people, I see, rudely laughed at him. He was mocked for his eccentricities. And especially for building the ark.”

“But behold—suddenly the sky opens with a roar. Torrential rain started pouring. It’s raining, raining, raining. Murky and roaring, the rivers overflow. Waters are coming. They rise more and more menacingly. The hour of the element has come. Disaster looms. Now it is already making life difficult for scoffers – those until recently “well-grounded people”. Stuck up to their necks in their limitations, they suddenly realize – a terrible cataclysm is looming.”

“No, it is not retribution – God never imposes such on anyone. The “opening of the floodgates of heaven” should not be taken as a punishment. We create problems for ourselves with accumulated karma. It is a driver of future events, a destroyer, but also a tireless creator of destinies…”

“In the story of Noah, wandering through the vast expanses of water in search of solid ground, there is also a certain amount of symbolism. First he releases a raven from the ark to find out if there is land nearby. The bird is not coming back. Then he sends a dove, which flies in, carrying a green olive branch in its beak. A clear sign of the end of trials – the shore is near.

The raven is a symbol of darkness. The dove – of the light spirit. Darkness always attacks insidiously. It uses the benefits only for itself. Light never imposes anything on anyone. On the contrary, it is generous to everyone.”

The flood is an alarming message to the generations. To be more transparent. To live in peace and harmony with each other and with nature. Let them not forget themselves!”