Slava Sevryukova About Nostradamus

Slava Sevryukova About Nostradamus

“I see him – he’s handsome and rich. Of noble birth. A deep believer. He fasts and pray. His hope radiates light. From the core of his lofty spiritual essence, he strives to see distant perspectives not hinted at on the horizon. They interest him in order to prepare and assist Mankind in the examinations of the Future.”

“There it is before me… First he carefully focuses on the unknown. Then he fervently seeks help from the Most High. He bows before Him. Asks for insight. “Requests” information with names and numbers. And leads a righteous life to deserve it. If he received it, he worked hard to veil the segment of upcoming events that stood out before him in a short allegorical poetic message. Remember: only exalted uncorrupted beings can contact the World Soul. One must be as pure as a dewdrop to reflect the world.”

“At a later age he is before me again – a dedicated ascetic. So religious and chaste that he allows intimacy with his wife only if he wishes to have a child with her. I see… Reaching for his genius predictions, a woman – not in her first youth – was standing next to him. Devoted to astrology, devotedly assisting him.”

A sophisticated Jew. Most often he wears a gray, but always neat robe. Every night he washes his feet and changes his socks, unusual for medieval habits. Perfect in hygiene – of spirit and actions, of body and underwear. And this happens at a time when people bathed once every two or three months. Precise in desires, thoughts and actions. An out of the ordinary man – not everyone is allowed to enter his home. His house is nice – two stories, with bay windows.”

“I see him – kneeling down after washing his feet. He prays for information from the Most High. He doesn’t use a crystal ball or look into water. It was based on astrology, but also based on the cyclical nature of history. Looking into the past, he read what was “written” for tomorrow. Guided in his pursuits “from above,” he fell into a trance.”