Slava Sevryukova About The Creator

Slava Sevryukova About The Creator

“More than once I have prayed to see God – the Father, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. …And a vision was revealed to me. But before that I heard: “What will appear before you is not God, but his reflection. Human eyes cannot behold the First Cause of causes…” At that moment, a mighty throne rose in the starry cosmic expanse. It flashed above it. A huge rock rose up. It spanned the universe from end to end. And a voice cried out, “God is like the universe!”

A colossal power filled and controlled the Universe with an all-pervading Mind. Then Christ appeared before my spiritual vision – a dazzling golden-silver Light twisted and broke away from the huge rock. Piercingly bright. I moaned. My eyes hurt badly. They networked. In fact, it was not the Savior who stood before me, but His reflection.

The following words were chanted: “This is the Son of the Father, your Jesus Christ, not begotten by man.” The Holy Spirit circled around Him – a brilliant radiance, encircling the Universe. I saw: The Creator plucked a star cloud of flickering light from within. Turned it into radiant dust. He scattered them. They flew out in a beautiful huge swarm. A moment later, he put one of them into each of the human beings. It shone, it pulsed, it sanctified their souls.”

“The space of the human world is beautiful.” Seen from above, it resembles star embers. Billions of divine sparks are shining, igniting in the hearts. In moments of enlightenment we realize – God’s spark ignites our energy.”

“How can I see God? It will burn me to ashes… It is indescribable. I can only feel His reflection. It is a colossal shining Energy filling the Universe from end to end.”

Baba Vanga‘s statements are similar: “God exists, but there is no figure. He is a ball of light that you cannot look into. Only light – nothing else is visible.” Vera Kochovska said “God is a bright blinding light.”

“After the heavenly Ascension of Christ, a living person has not seen him. It is possible to see only the reflection of its earthly manifestation. It is “given” to very few… When I look at it, I perceive – pearly light, not fiery. Gently flutter, flutter… There, in unattainable heights is the Universal Greatness.”

“Yes, it’s true, God created us in his own image and likeness… But it will be very hard for us, if we start to see ourselves in him…”