Slava Sevryukova About The Extinction of The Dinosaurs

Slava Sevryukova About The Extinction of The Dinosaurs

“Colossal cataclysm from a huge cosmic body. As far as I can “see” it was not caused by a meteorite. No, it’s not a meteorite. If such a collision had occurred, I would have seen a giant explosion. I don’t see one anywhere. There is no collision.”

“A massive long-tailed comet is drifting towards the Globe. Approaching. Her ominous, fan-shaped body spread out in space grows, grows… It rises on the horizon. It fills more and more of the sky. It’s scary. An epic clash is set… But no… They miss each other, as if by a hair’s breadth… An unprecedented phenomenon. The gravity of the huge space object powerfully shakes the planet. If it was a star, it would explode and evaporate. It’s not…

A comet. Passes dangerously close. Her fiery tail insidiously licks the Blue Planet. The effect of meeting the space alien is more striking. The earth shakes sharply, for a long time. Irreversible processes occur. A large-scale cataclysm. It changes its course. Earth’s thin energy axis spun. The poles are shifting. The climate is drastically changing. Temperatures drop sharply. And…this is the beginning of the end for the dinosaurs. As far as I can tell, the huge lizards didn’t die out immediately, but gradually.”

“After thousands and thousands and thousands of years I see – barren, bare, desolate, the Earth will resemble Mars… But this will be far in the very, very, very, very, very late period. Then, when human souls will no longer need to appear in flesh and blood on Earth. The universe is controlled by Mind. Cosmos is Mind. The event does not necessarily have to be provoked by a meteorite or other spectacular catastrophe.

It is amazing to see the ability of nature to preserve and develop in ways that we have not allowed in our wildest fantasies. Life in its present form may disappear, but even then it will not entirely cease. It will exist in other, as yet unintelligible extraterrestrial forms.”