The New Humanity

Slava Sevryukova About The New Humanity

“The representatives of our civilization have been deprived of the opportunity to ‘see’ ahead. In the earliest dawns, however, we possessed this divine ability. As the sixth race develops, it will be resurrected. Does Eternity have a Past, a Future?”

“Sapiens – a higher creation is the human spirit! It cannot be measured and explained. The way in – is always with upward direction. Descendants will draw information from unknown Cosmic energy channels. At a later stage in this process, the need for “divine helpers” will be eliminated. These channels make up the internal information system of the universe. They are contacted by highly intelligent beings in the universe. The contemporary’s senses for extracting information from these channels are still underdeveloped. It is too early for the prevailing low morality that still dominates our world.”

“Science and technology have achieved an unprecedented rise at the expense of lagging intuitiveness and hypersensitivity. Humanity, I told you, will experience a period of indescribable technical advancement. Then, having become a target of itself, a reversal will begin. What I am sharing may seem like fiction to you. So, over time, modern conveniences will disappear – computers, TVs, videos, increasingly modern superphones. They will be replaced with the new, many times more perfect technical marvels that will irresistibly tempt future descendants. You don’t suspect anything about them yet. Amazing changes are taking place, but already of a completely different nature. It’s hard to imagine them. When two people in that era decide to contact each other and one, for example, is at the North Pole, the other at the South Pole, they will make a connection without technology, in a spiritual way. They will use, thanks to the expanded capabilities of the awakened mind, the channels tracing the Cosmos. Fine as cobwebs, invisible but perceptible. Scribbled across the universal dome, information serving the highly evolved Mind flows unceasingly through them. It is set, remember, the beginning of a new, much higher communication.

An era is dawning, illuminated by the rise of the human spirit. Then the glory of the technology will have irretrievably subsided. Harmful emissions and heavy productions will have disappeared. New technologies will be created with environmentally friendly energy sources extracted from space. And above all, there will be a lot of Light in human relationships. The unstoppable spiritual development will begin by the year 2075.

New people will appear. There are some of them already present now – a minority at the moment. Good, hypersensitive. With heavenly gifts. Such will be the rulers of the gentle reality of the subtle senses. Powerful spiritual waves will pulsate in them. The next generation will be more merciful than ours. The primordial elementary men, who now predominate, will in those wondrous years become more and more rare until their complete irretrievable disappearance. It’s not going to happen instantaneously, but rather gradually.”

“Do not hope that machine conquests will take the heights that the human brain is capable of giving to civilization. What is technology if not a thought materialized in machines? Our mind, as a miniature copy of the Universal Mind, is much, much, much more than technology. If we find the way to ourselves, if we develop the reserves hidden in us, we will be able to end up anywhere. When the future man begins by the power of thought to visit other planets and stars, the flying miracles of which I have spoken will completely disappear. Rockets will be completely superfluous then. Freely through our spirit we will penetrate the Infinite – among the alluring labyrinths of the macro and microcosm. Archaic antediluvian facilities, modern space vehicles will occupy a worthy place, but already as museum attractions, outlining the path traveled in our development. Gone will be the deafeningly roaring machine monsters. In that not-too-distant time, the once perfect achievements, the brainchild of the human mind, will once and for all be consigned to the dustbin of history.”

“And so over time computers will get faster and faster. They will process an ever-increasing amount of information. But then machine surprises will give way to the super-possibilities of the awakened Sapien Spirit. More powerful than anything, in search and realization of new knowledge. Remember—the true rise of godlike intelligence is not in creating an artificial one.

“An expanded cosmic consciousness is about to take shape. I prefer to judge people not so much by their appearance as by their souls, although the face and body reflect the spirit. But as far as I can see, distinct changes in human physics are coming. The bodies of the offspring will be much more spiritual, plastic, beautiful. From a modern point of view, the physique of future humans will not be beautiful…

The notion of aesthetics with the smooth evolutionary course will change. People with a new identity will have high foreheads, bigger heads and lean muscles. In the centuries to come, they will not eat as abundantly as we do. So for now we are like half-animals. The Awakened Spirituality and the new way of life will contribute to the mentioned characteristics. They will have a much more distinct mental expression.”

“People with brown eyes and brown soft hair will grow in numbers. Blue eyes, blondes will almost completely disappear. Human skin will become more transparent and bright. Even the blacks will gradually begin to lighten. Leftists will increase. They are somewhat superior to others because the center of the spirit is closer to the left hand. For this reason, their inspiration flows easily, spontaneously.”

“The new generation will not be as concerned with physical appearance as we are. The aspiration will be inwards, towards the essence. To the heightened sensitivity and blossoming of the ethereal beauty of the Spiritual. The future belongs not to the global sapiens who conquered the Earth’s resources, but to the cosmic one who carried the universe in his soul.”

“With the changed standard of beauty, the cult of the human body will recede for generations to come. A new trend will stand out – worshiping the Spirit. The body will be more and more subject to the higher self. Those people will be less emotional, but more sensitive and mentally active. They will realize their lives in a close symbiosis with the natural environment in a much more meaningful way.”

“A thousand years from now, modern sapiens will look, by our standards, underdeveloped and…, let’s not be offended, but a bit degenerate. The attitude towards the physical body and fashion will give way to a new understanding of Spirit and Soul. The energy of those beings will be redirected for their improvement. The future belongs to the sixth sense. It will take its rightful place, completely conquering life. This will be an elevated new human race with an open “third eye”. People will use 100% brain power.”

“Illnesses will decrease. They have always betrayed the suffering of the spirit and the wrong life. Those beings will be mentally, physically and morally more perfect. Medicines along with technology gains will be discarded. Then Mankind will realize – the vaunted twentieth century is a dark medieval era of health-poisoning pharmaceuticals…”

“Fantastic Rise! Perfection of spirit in its mastery. People will become more and more subtle, delicate, merciful and benevolent. Only with the power of thought in those distant times will you be able to feed yourself. You will travel with its help everywhere. Expanding its scope enormously, you will experience, again thanks to it, anything you desire. Your psychotropic field of vision will expand infinitely. But this will be only after Mankind has worked out all the spiritual virtues. Those people will not be primitive and with a grown Ego like us. In our way of life, I will repeat again, we are still too close to animals. Sometimes we even surpass them – sex is almost a recreational sport. I see ages far ahead. Passions will subside. The man and the woman in the years incomprehensible to us will then come together only if they want to create a generation. Spirituality, as we know, has no gender. At an even later stage, the sexual drive will stunt to the point of complete disappearance. Then the need for birth and rebirth will finally cease.”

“You know, the future belongs to psychotronics. The Future World – of the New Humanity. It will restore the lost balance with the Earth and the Universe. Mental aptitudes will be developed to the highest degree. If they create a fantastic society that looks like today, those people will work wonders. But before that they will have mastered Nature. In the sense – having penetrated into its divine harmony, they will completely submit their lives to its laws. Only then will household problems finally disappear. Our distant successors will not be subject to them as we are.”

“People in pre-biblical times were significantly larger than us, almost giants. They also lived incredibly longer. In the not-too-distant future, as it “reveals” before my “psychotronic eye”… Here, I see – towards the end of the modern cycle (after the year 2100) the life span for our descendants will continue to increase. For some individuals, it can then reach 170 years.”

“Times are coming when man will be able to draw information from the Cosmos, because he himself is the Cosmos. Everything there is also contained in it. Those people will not be forgotten by Heaven. I see – after 2075, towards the end of the cycle (2100) most of them will have direct contact with the Higher Power. Much later, towards the year 2450, Spirituality will develop and flourish to an even higher degree.”

“The new person will be graceful, gentle, not devoted to material things. With a delicate physique, a much lower weight and a much more controlled mind. The resources of the undeveloped human spirit are infinite. This in the looming later stages will help humans overcome even Earth’s gravity. Remember – no machines.

“Besides, that type of being, as I’ve already revealed, will easily communicate thoughts without the need for technical devices, regardless of distance. Today’s impressive clairvoyance will be an everyday means of earthly and cosmic communication. The vast Universe for the supercivilization will become a cozy, increasingly gracious home. What seems like a fantastic tale in my mouth will one day be the possession of a new spiritual generation.”

“In the spiritually elevated supercivilization, Mankind will develop much more skills. This will not be accomplished easily. New and new difficulties will appear. Even if we wanted to, we will not avoid them. They are necessary for development, as oxygen is for life. Overcoming them provokes a striving for Light. If darkness clouds your vision, fear not. It’s temporary. If you hit a bump on the road, keep going. And, having preserved spiritual beauty, go boldly forward! For man who has come to the end of his evolution, nothing will be impossible.”

“Future Humanity will speak one language. A counter-trial is set to the “biblical events with the Tower of Babel” that once took place. It will contain the vocabulary of all nations. English will prevail. Verbatim-free vocabulary – fewer words will convey more content. Isn’t it the same in nature – it achieves a lot with a little…”

“The vernacular languages will not perish, despite the existence of a common means of communication. Their essence will be preserved. They will survive – a centuries-old tradition, but with a limited function.”

“Similar trends stand out for individual nations as well. States will gradually disappear. They will stand out as provinces forming the One Earth Community. This will not prevent peoples from preserving their customs and folklore.”

“The Universal Mind will never run out. “Beyond the Limit” will drop the current type of biological evolution. This will be after a long and violent refinement of the human soul. In those immeasurably distant millennia, the soul will no longer feel the need to visit Earth in a body of flesh and blood. For the future perfect sapiens, the migration called life will be completely superfluous. The totality of knowledge provided by the temporary earthly sojourn will be completely absorbed.

“Our distant descendants will follow the almighty cosmic rhythm step by step. In those ages we will have penetrated the essence of Truth and Wisdom. Intelligence, intuition, information from the supersenses are our true hidden weapons. Then we will become an even more elevated New Celestial Humanity.”