Upcoming Trials For Humanity

Slava Sevryukova About The Upcoming Trials For Humanity

“The borders of the Globe will not remain the same. The earth’s crust which is building the shape of the continents, will change its appearance. The consequences – climate surprises. Ultimate trials are ahead. Some of the descendants will overcome them.”

“Disastrous upheavals are looming. The harmony between the visible and the invisible world is broken. Millions and billions of people are about to float into the Hereafter.”

“Life on Earth obeys cosmic laws. The balance between our world and the other world has long been disturbed – by millions and billions of people. We are overpopulated. In order to restore the balance, millions and billions must pass into the Beyond – quickly and together…”

“The human race is not alone in these difficult trials. It is supported by exalted spiritual beings. Difficulties are more necessary than anything in the world – they drive the spiritual elevation of the souls both on Earth and Beyond.”

“These are ‘end times’… End because too many people inhabit this Earth. There are no souls left Beyond… More and more are incarnated in order to clean the “weeds” in them… Do you understand?… But even this is coming to an end. That’s why they are named “last”. It was suggested to me to convey, “There is an impending onset of terrible calamities—epidemics, famine, pestilence, stench. Then what is not destroyed by Nature will be finished by wars. There will be monstrous manifestations of the human spirit towards evil, such that has never been before.’ But then it was said to me: “This horror is final. Darkness will no longer spread so strongly over the Earth.”

 “I see, it’s those days when you have to walk miles and miles to come across a living person. Pray for Humanity – it will be easier… It will not pass us by. I was told, “Just as Christ did not pass over the ‘bitter cup,’ so this will not pass over the children of the future.” The Earth is overpopulated.”

“Don’t be afraid! Harmony will be restored after the disasters. But, I tell you, you must be ready for them. Bear them. And I repeat, do not be afraid – the human race will not be wiped off the face of the Earth. I see destruction. Unrecognizable changes. Renewed Humanity will be deprived of its one ridiculous and terrible ingredient – animalism. The soul of Christ will rise in it. After these grandiose trials at the edge of survival, humanity will push forward. To the forgotten neglected Spirituality. Only few will not be able to “see” in the Hereafter. But this will be a gradual process, with the evolution of the Spirit.”

“Geoplanetary cataclysms are looming. Don’t ask when. The world will not perish. With the trials we will realize – the direction is wrong. We will strive for spiritual new perspectives, discarding the deceptive values of the past. When the disasters subside, a wonderful harmony between people, dreamed of for thousands of years, appears. After the trials of nature comes an era of Spirituality.”

“Tribes (nations) will disappear. And I will repeat again – I was told: “You will walk, for a long time, without meeting a living human being… But once you meet one – remember, the soul of Christ will be in him…

“Don’t be afraid. The cards are thrown. Humanity will seemingly lose the game. But these cards will suddenly turn. With hope for the survivors. Because those people will be much higher. Only then will they live according to God’s law. Remember – there is no total destruction. Temporal loss is part of the battle.”

“You will know when these times are coming – there will be famines, floods, droughts, climate change, local conflicts. Then father will turn against son and brother against brother.”

“They will be in stages at known intervals. Towards the third decade of the second millennium will be the beginning of the ominous events.” Some of them will be between 2025-2032″.

“When the great cataclysms have passed, I see – a radically different, much more elevated spiritual generation stands out. It will sculpt the contours of the New Age. After the crushing sufferings, I tell you, there will be a period of eternal peace.”