Slava Sevryukova About The World

Slava Sevryukova About The World

“The world is old, very old. Our world, and even more so the Beyond. The universe was created in one supreme moment. Love and Harmony are embedded in the vast Cosmos. They run its structures.”

“After complex chemical processes, Gaia became covered with water. With the building of an atmosphere, the planetary relief is cataclysmically formed. An ongoing phenomenon. It is carried out simultaneously in all its corners. Later, elementary conditions for the emergence of life are created.”

“The world is primordial, so is Mind. First is Creation. Then – Transfiguration. Creation is not a spontaneous process, the result of a hard-to-explain set of coincidences, the work of “blind nature,” as materialist scientists suggest. On the contrary, it is a “considered” act. The fruit not of random, but of precisely guided processes from above. It is created by a sweep of Reasonable Power, systematically operating since the early dawns of Creation. Evolution proceeds according to a higher scheme.”

“In a warm and fresh water environment, a ‘primordial broth’ is formed in a suitable location. The Higher Power “sows” the seeds of life there. The first unicellular organisms arose from them. This is not a cocktail muddled by many coincidences. Single-celled emergents populate highly defined genetic and field matrices. From them, after thousands and millions of orbits of the Earth around the Sun, new, more and more advanced organisms evolve. Mother Nature works slowly, patiently. She filigreely sculpts a variety of life forms to reach her masterpieces. Therefore, her miracles seem to have no end.”

“Life was created by a Supreme Mind possessing a colossal store of energy. Its seeding is a ubiquitous process throughout the Cosmos that we still know too little about. The diverse forms of life on our planet are not a happy exception, but a strict regularity. The Higher Mind is all-pervading – it operates on a grand scale on unfathomable cosmic scales.”

Creation has no Earthly Mind, Earthly Spirit, etc. It is one – it originates from the Intelligent Spirit of the Cosmos. It fills every corner of the universe, including Earth. Time for Him does not exist – it is a human concept. Under the influence of the invisible FORCE, the evolutionary mill does not stop.”

“The higher mind creates life and directs the tendencies for the improvement of organisms, providing them an independent development within a certain perimeter.”