Slava Sevryukova Wisdom

Slava Sevryukova Wisdom Advices and Quotes

Slava Sevryukova Wisdom: “If you are pressed by a fateful problem, if you are hesitating in search of a solution – for the future, for work, for responsibility towards other people – first pray with the “Our Father”, and will be given the right answer. Then take the Bible. Spontaneously open it. On the left page, on the paragraph where your eye falls, you will find a guideline on how to proceed. However, it takes intuition and wisdom to interpret. Leaning on it, deciphering the message, you will not go wrong.”

“If you’re in trouble, listen carefully to the children’s words which at first might seem coincidental.   Some “keywords” could give you a direction or suggest a way out. But you must be able to decode them with intuition and, I will repeat again, above all with wisdom.”

“The gifts and enlightenment are a door to the world. If you are not in purity and sincerity before God, darkness can invade. “He wanted – they will say to each other from above – but he was not ready.” If you want to improve abilities, strive for all the virtues. And stand up for them. Otherwise you will sink into the mire of darkness.”

“It is often allowed to ask for an example to be given to you in order to explain what is given to you, what it is – it enlightens. But it takes wisdom to figure it out and apply it to understand what will come next. Therefore, strive for it. Gifted people, devoid of wisdom, develop somewhat. Gifts have to be grown with deprivation, kindness and patience.”

“Ask for it! Ask and you shall have! But without wisdom, nothing will benefit you. Freedom is responsibility. Fate does not keep us dependent on a leash, like a dog. Stupidity weaves sticky webs. Wisdom breaks down limitations. A source of joy – life is also a suffering. If you transform it into good, you have become wise. It’s not easy.

“The seeker is never exhausted. Live in such a way that after your end, the Cosmos will also cry…”

“Emigration is not desired. It is preferable that our allotted days pass in the land of our birth. We have, of course, free will to move, but where we are born, our lives are determined from above. There are relatives, friends with whom we are karmically connected. With the most suitable conditions for the execution of the mission, there we must further develop the qualities we need. Let’s improve ourselves and reject the negatives ,if possible.”

“If you are given something with love, never refuse. As you leave, you will feel lightness from the beneficial charge of the message. But that does not apply to plucked flowers.’

“Giving can be wasted through the temptations of life. Beware. With material overload, mental humps grow. Strive for purity and endurance of self-evidence in the storms of fate. The higher the gift, the more severe the trials for its possessor. From the morning of life, to the last breath.”

“Lines on the right palm reveal information about the present, on the left – about the past. If you look closely at them, through knowledge and intuition, you may even see the… obvious – when you are ready for it. It is most difficult to see the world through our own eyes.”

“Check up to seven times what is ‘revealed’ to you.” If you are 100% sure that it is true, then share it. Otherwise, it is dangerous not to harm those who sought help from you, but also yourself.”

“It’s not the way that’s hard, the hardness is the way.”

“The greatest trials are for the most naturally gifted. If the strong blows, causing pain, do not exasperate you, this will forcefully push you forward and upward – for a flight.”

“We are at the end of a cycle of our millennial development. We are approaching another – much more significant and enlightened. After the cycle we will become completely different. Just as the survivors of the Flood were no longer the same…”\

“Life is an initiation for souls. Not only to endure hardships and sufferings. It is a chance to be spiritually ennobled by them and take the path to goodness.”

“And another thing – a person is not only what he strives for, but above all what he lacks. And from which he is deprived in the name of something higher. That is why what has been achieved with a lot of hard work is so valued. And further, consider: how do the rich in possessions surpass the rich in desire? Doesn’t the lost roof over our heads bring us closer to the stars?…”

“Life events are never bad. The way we perceive them is bad. Parents go wrong, terribly wrong, when they intentionally or unintentionally manipulate their children.”

“Man is like a Datura (Datura stramonium poisonous plant). It depends on how you look at it – it can turn into a destructive poison, it can also be a healing licorice… It is possible that the suffering that we accept as the poison of life, in moderate quantities, can be our remedy…”

“What life doesn’t do to us?! This siamese of joys and sorrows… And you know what – it is most important for a person to understand himself. All else is vanity.”

“Listen… not beauty, goodness in man will save the world. Is there anything more charming on this Earth than goodness?”

“Be sincere, honest! Be in this world, but not of this world…”

“There is no trodden path to God. He is Compassion and Love. It will be in us and with us if we have preserved Humanity. The fruits of the good we have done will then never be taken away from us. Never ever. Not in this existence, not in the next. But if our path doesn’t start from the heart, let’s not expect it to be smooth and calm…”

“Remember, every minute, every second of what must pass through the human soul on Earth is strictly predestined. Trust in the Higher Power helps us to bear even the most difficult trials with ease. We must live with the consciousness: even when we lose, we win… a lesson. If we have a noble goal, if we work day and night for it, if we deserve it, it will be given to us.”

“Today is all we have. For today…”

“To reveal the limits of the possible, one must go through the impossible.”

“It takes a huge effort to keep the faith and keep what we have achieved. Only then it will blossom. It will give us wonderful fruits. If not now, then later.”

“The firmer we are on the ground, the farther we are from the stars.”

“If happiness and unhappiness make the way, Wisdom is the ultimate goal. Kindness and Love illuminate it! A holiday is the day when we are good humans.”

“A person cannot be alone – even in self-imposed exile. The higher spiritual beings also support us. Don’t be afraid of loneliness – Moses, Jesus and Muhammad found God in the desert…”

“From the channels tracing the Cosmos, I learn what interests me. My mission on Earth is to prove that an ordinary human being can spiritually communicate with the pulsating and intelligent Universe.”

“From one mother – two children. Both different. Think, what in this world, in the absence of spiritual enlightenment, ennobles more than manifold trials? Don’t imagine that you are the product of only the impulsive love of your parents. It was created for you by the wisdom of the Universal Mind.”

“No one on Earth has the right to be called a teacher. If a man is a scholar, he could only guide. The one teacher of all is the Cosmic Mind. I believe he is really fair.”

“We are connected by life. Then – the Beyond. Well, there we are together with those closest to us spiritually. Souls in the Beyond also think, therefore they exist.”

“With the Spirit in the outer world, the brightest thoughts and feelings from his last earthly manifestations are preserved. The body sensibility guides souls in their evolution. The imperishable Spirit possesses absolutely infallible internal senses. Many are convinced – you only live once. If the heavens open, they realize with wonder – life does not stop. With another ‘new birth’ nothing is lost in the abyss of eternity.”

“The human race, bogged down in consumerism, would become a waste factory.”