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Spiritual Advices From Baba Vanga

Spiritual Advices From Baba Vanga often mentioned to visitors

  • God is only one – despite how people call it. We are all equal in front of God
  • I don’t speak – God does! This is God’s voice, world’s voice.
  • There is one God. If you keep silent, stones will also talk about God. Just like the blind know that there is light, the crippled know that there are healthy people, in the same way the healthy ones should know that there is God.
  • For over 40 years I go in a deep trance and I haven’t seen the persona of God or Jesus Christ, but I know that God is fire and light!
  • God is a light orb – he doesn’t have a face or a specific image.
  • You don’t believe in God, and at the same time you want God to help you. Don’t come to visit me if you don’t have faith in God because not me – God is helping you.
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    If you made a sin – go visit a church when it is a big church celebration day. Light up a candle and bring a gift: table cloth, bed sheet, towel, carpet…give something to the church. Become humble and pray for God to forgive your sin.

  • If you don’t have a church nearby, the sky is also a church. Go out under the sky, and open your mind for a pray, and thank God.
  • You are carrying the church in yourself. Every human being is having God in his soul.
  • Strengthen your faith, love each other, and be good to each other – without those three there is no progress in anything.
  • All apostles are active, all apostles came to Earth, because the time of the Holy Spirit has come. The most important mission is on the shoulders of apostle Andrey. He is preparing the path of Jesus Christ, the way he commanded.
  • Jesus Christ will come to Earth once again in white clothes. The time is coming when certain people will start to feel the return of Jesus Christ in their hearts.
  • In the Himalayans now are teaching the new Messiah. He will come in the middle of the new century. A new era is beginning. The Pleiades are thinking about us the most. Some of them are already here among us, and some people see them.

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