Soul Mission

Sri Chinmoy: The First and Foremost Soul Mission is God-realization

The soul always comes to Earth with a specific mission. However, the Earth’s environment can help or hinder this mission. It also happens that the soul, sometimes of its own volition, adapts to the circumstances. Then it constantly attempts to complete its task with full awareness of the conditions in that environment.

The soul has only one mission in this current life, and many goals. A soul may want to become an artist, a poet, or an engineer in a given lifetime. Each soul may turn to different creative activities, but these are goals. They should not be confused with the soul mission.

The first and foremost mission of the soul is God-realization. Then comes the manifestation of this awareness, through the activities on Earth. It is important to know that, any of the goals can help a person realize God or on the contrary to slow him down depending on his personal approach to the Truth.

The soul has no unnecessary experiences. When it has an experience, there is a divine purpose hidden in it. There are many things in the experiences of the soul that our mind cannot understand, and often with our persistence we force upon the soul some insignificant experiences. Therefore, it is important to always look through the Light of the soul – this is how one can see the best opportunities for a given reincarnation and penetrate into what is important and essential.

For example, if one is a writer, which is very good, but writes without striving for God-realization, one day he may become a famous writer, but without achieving a progress in discovering the innermost essence of the Self. And when a person writes in order to manifest the Divine in his works, if his outside appearance is the fruit of his inner aspiration and if he has accepted writing as a dedicated service to God, then surely the aspiration in this writer leads him to the realization of God.

From the absolute Truth point of view, there is only one soul mission and that is no other but the realization of the Self through the realization of God.

Sri Chinmoy