Suffering is The Currency

Suffering is The Currency With Which The Debts And Policies of Sin Are Paid

“Life on earth cannot be without intense experiences. A life without such experiences is a life of sleeping souls.” – Georgi TOMALEVSKI, “Constellations” (Essays on Thoughts Spoken by Master Beinsa Duno), ed. “White Brotherhood”, 1997

The sufferings

They create the necessary sensitivity needed to truly understand love.

At first glance, suffering and love are two opposite dimensions, but this is only the fruit of our spiritual ignorance. Love, used here as a concept, is something completely different from what we understand in our everyday life. But to the Great Beginningless Cause, which is given a different name because of the different languages of the earth, it is something entirely different. Let us call Him the Absolute, Who has no form, but rather a boundless universe. It is He Who is Love who allowed suffering not as punishment or revenge, but as an awakening force that keeps us from drifting too far from love.

Sufferings are related to the roots of the Eternal Tree of Life. It is they who suck from the fertile soil the energy and juices of the plant, of the immovability, of the mighty resistance of the tree, without them the stem, the branches, the leaves, the fruits and the whole wonderful crown of the tree cannot develop.

“Oh, why are these sufferings!” the people of our world exclaim in bitter anguish. The sky is silent, and the consoling voice that sometimes sounds in the minutes of heavy and painful reflection disappears. But the Absolute still does not take away their suffering, because He does not want to condemn the soul in which a spark of His essence lives to a petty, meaningless life. In suffering, the human monad resolves difficult questions and tasks. What else but suffering gives the feelings the necessary toughness? Without them, man becomes harsh and rude. Suffering will give him tenderness, softness and that most essential component of love which is called mercifulness.

Sufferings are methods of growth just as the wind that sways the stems of a young sapling makes it resilient and strong. Only when this sapling grows into a mighty oak, commanding respect and strength, undisturbed by breeze and storm, does he understand why his plant’s suffering was necessary.

One will never learn to love if one has not gone through the painful training of suffering. And if ever we meet a man who has a love ready for devotion and for any sacrifice, we must know that he has solved the question and the mystery of suffering.

There is an unknown alchemy in the human soul that transforms suffering into love. It has only been attained by those who have endured the miraculous activity of suffering.

The Great, the Beginningless and the Absolute, Who created everything and guides it infallibly in the path of development, knows more about the path of souls than anyone else. He knows that souls have passed like angels into a world where there is eternal light and harmony. When these souls descend to the physical world, they quickly feel and know the limitation of this harsh three-dimensional world and begin to suffer. Suffering comes not only because of subconsciously perceived sadness for the “lost world”, but also because of a series of causes in the material laws that lie as unresolved issues of personal and ancestral karma. Suffering is the currency with which the debts and policies of sin are paid. Through them the disturbed equilibrium of the Great Justice is straightened and the sacred yearning of love is awakened in the soul.

Through suffering we know the purity we once lost in the dark windings of the sacred path.

Liberation from suffering does not come by accumulating hatred for it, but by loving something that you strive for and long for. In all cases in life, one should not allow doubt in the Divine Providence. He must know and be assured beyond doubt that the path he has entered is the right one. No matter how difficult this path may be, it will lead him to the Absolute. As through temptation heaven tests our conviction, so through suffering it tests the strength of the love we have.

Sometimes the person who has decided to become a student of the great science is put through strong experiences. This tarnishes his endurance and the stability of his consciousness. Life on earth cannot pass without intense experiences. A life without such experiences is a life of sleeping souls.

As soon as a person experiences with dignity what is happening in his life, he will see and know the heavenly love that unites everyone.

The consciousness of one who has set out on this sacred path must always be awake. He must be careful, as there are many backward souls who arrange all kinds of tricks to lure him, and if possible, to divert him from his path.

The form and packaging of some phenomena, apparently significant, but in fact insignificant, sometimes confuses. We should not be disturbed by these insignificant things, but always seek the eternal idea set before us. It just needs to be priced.

He who lives in light must understand that shadows are unreal. Let it become a rule that both thoughts and feelings which bring darkness into the human consciousness should be consciously avoided.

There are three main principles: Truth, which excludes all pleasure; The wisdom that excludes all ease; and the Love that excludes all violence.