Baba Vanga's healing practices

Svetla Todorova: analyzing Baba Vanga’s healing practices

Herbs. Other Cures. Rituals.

Without being an herbalist, and without having any formal training in phyto-therapy, Baba Vanga has managed to successfully cure with herbs and other procedures, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be known everywhere as a prophetess and healer, and people rather would say: “There is this crook there in Petrich”. Instead, people used to say: “There is a saint there in Petrich.”

The case with Baba Vanga is worth a thought. Indeed, the knowledge of healing with herbs has been passed on from generation to generation. But which is this first generation that actually acquired that knowledge. Who is this first person, who possessed the ability to heal? There is no such first person. There is just this millennium-long human experience. People would gather and use grasses, roots, branches – some would recover, others would get poisoned. But besides the empirical knowledge through trial and error, there was another important factor. Those who had passed on to eternity would share their experience. And there have been people with extra-sensory perceptions since ancient times. Strong psychics who would catch the signals: “this herb is poisonous, beware” or “this herb can heal this and that”. The psychics who started healing with herbs would pass on their knowledge to their ancestors and so herbalism would become more and more popular through the ages. Baba Vanga didn’t have any knowledge passed on from predecessors. She used the mechanism from the dawn of mankind. She acquired that knowledge directly from the Intelligent Bodiless Beings.

Baba Vanga used to heal not only with herbs, but also with other products, such as onion, grated potato, corn, walnut leaves, egg white, sunflower oil, vinegar, beeswax and others. Even with frog skin! The information for what exactly to recommend to the visitor she received the same way she could “see” the exact necessary herb. In Krassimira Stoyanova’s book “ The truth about Baba Vanga” there is a detailed list of the different illnesses treated with Baba Vanga’s healing recipes. The cases of healing listed below are taken from the same book.

(1)  When personally professor Atanas Maleev forbid Baba Vanga to heal because there were doctors who could cure every illness (??!) she stuck to the order, but one time,  the following happened with her 5-year old nephew, Dimitar. After a chickenpox infection a little grain-like form appeared in the corner of his left eye. The doctor recommended they took the boy to the regional hospital in Blagoevgrad. Baba Vanga decided to go there together with her sister and the child. The night before travelling however, she told Lyubka to melt some beeswax, make it into dough, let it cool down and place it on the grain with some adhesive plaster. On the morning, when they removed the plaster, the grain-like form was stuck on it together with a root, as long as half a matchstick. (!!!)

analyzing Baba Vanga's healing practices
The excerpt for this article was taken from “Baba Vanga – Beyond the Limit” by Svetla Todorova.

(2) And now here is an example of how Baba Vanga saved a young man from amputation of his leg. It is in this case that the frog’s skin helped! An excavator operator scratched his knee while they were dewatering a swamp. His leg started to swell and collect puss. The doctors said that the leg should be amputated. Baba Vanga recommended the following:  find a frog, if possible from the place where the accident happened, skin it and place the skin on the wound. The man did what she told him, slept through two days and nights without waking up, and when he did wake up, the wound dressing had fallen and on it there was something similar to a white stinger, 10 centimeters long. In a week the wound had completely healed.

Well, how could we not say that Baba Vanga is a saint. In spite of amputated brains and religious dogmatism!!

(3) M.T. from Petrich had a wart on her hand which was hindering her work. One day she scratched it by accident. After a week similar warts started appearing all over the woman’s body. Baba Vanga told the woman to find the herb forking larkspur, to dry and make it into powder, and then apply it on the first wart. After that all other warts disappeared.

(4) K.B was having internal hemorrhoids for many years. Baba Vanga told him to find common mistletoe (viscum album), which grew on pine trees (a kind of parasite plant, whose seeds attach to the bark of different trees and develop only there), to crush some dry sticks of the plant, put them in a glass of water and drink this water every morning. The hemorrhoids were gone.

(5) Baba Vanga recommended a young man who was ill with leukemia to drink the water from boiled grains of wheat, corn, oat, rye and millet. After some time, the man called her and said he was feeling very well and had put on 5 kilograms.

(6) Baba Vanga helped a young doctor get rid of some persistent rashes by telling him to drink a decoction from the seeds of vetch.

(7) A.P. from Sandanski was cured from initial form of diabetes in the following manner. He brought  Baba Vanga about 3 kilograms of pods of ripe beans. Baba Vanga held them for some time in her hands and then told him to boil the pods and drink one glass of the decoction each morning before eating.

The latter case, in which Baba Vanga held the bean pods in her hands, opens up the door to yet another of her healing practices, which, those who have positive opinion of the prophetess speak very little of. In later chapters we made a classification of the non-traditional phenomena into three main categories. The second category was named extraordinary induction. It includes phenomena such as: intentional transmission of thoughts, biotherapy, Tibetan surgery, psycho-kinesis, levitation, materialization and dematerialization, teleportation and magic. Generally speaking, these are phenomena, in which, through mental concentration, one creates a thought-form or modulates the informational energy of their own or another’s astral field. In its turn, the astral field has an organizing effect over physical matter.

Even those minds most open towards the non-traditional, and acknowledge almost all “miracles”, including prophecies, levitation and teleportation, are quite reserved when it comes to accepting magic. And that’s reasonable. Unfortunately, the very word “magic” is already corrupted. This is understandable, having in mind the historical context and the monstrous abuse of black magic, which can be seen even today. But magic has a very positive aspect as well. In these cases it is called white magic and it can sometimes be lifesaving.

To give you some facts, I will mention very briefly two tribes living in the Blue mountains (Nilgiri), in Southern India, which Helena Blavatsky studied in 1883: Todds (high, well-built, noble) and Moulou Kouroumbs (short, dwarf-like, evil) (The word “kouroumban” is of Tamil origin and means a dwarf). If a Molou Kouroumb was offended or his interests were hurt, he would stare for a prolonged time at the person set as a victim. The poor person would pass away within two weeks as a result of liver dysfunction. A typical example of black magic! This magic could only be neutralized by the Todds, if a person was to seek their help on time. That was the life-saving action!

We can roughly define magic as creation on the part of the maker of a sustainable informational imprint within the mental plane – a result of visualization, invocation of Intelligent Bodiless Beings (IBBs) and symbolic ritualistic actions. The informational imprint can establish connection with the psyche of the person the magic is intended for, and can then affect their mental and astral body. As a result, it can also affect their physical body. Subsequently, it is not surprising that magic can cause psychosomatic modifications, or can just impact the psyche.  The impact on the psyche and the physical body could be constructive and stimulating (as with white magic) or they could suppress the functions of the body and act destructively (as with black magic). In many cases however, magic is nothing more than mental suggestion (either positive or negative). For instance, for a positive therapeutic effect, a good magus, could, at their own discretion, if the situation permits it, and if the patient is prone to influences, prescribe something like a “placebo”. This is a typical example of how the mind could affect the body simply through strong belief in the positive effect of the treatment.

In the case when Baba Vanga held the bean pods, whether she meant to heal through suggestion, could be confirmed only through observation at the moment by a Theosophist specialist with well-developed non-physical sensations, or through instrumental evaluation of a possible emanation from Baba Vanga’s hands. It is scientifically proven that ultraviolet photons are radiating from the palms and the fingers of persons with extra-sensory abilities, when they are working. These photons have a highly stimulating effect on the metabolism of the subject and on the structuring of water in the tissues, which has an enormous effect over biological processes. This is the reason why, when a person with extra-sensory abilities, holds some water or food in their hands, it can then have healing power.

But Baba Vanga did not limit herself to influencing products. She could perform magical actions in the true sense of the work. We will hereby call them rituals, in order to avoid the controversial semantic charge of the word “magic”. Moreover, Baba Vanga herself had said multiple times: “I don’t make magic, I don’t practice such things.” Here are the words of her niece (Stoyanova, 1996:132): “However, sometimes she would recommend other ways of healing. They would be strange, illogical, and inexplicable. It was exactly due to that these things that Baba Vanga’s abilities were fiercely denied on the part of official medical knowledge, which claimed that she was a witch and a skillful crook. Such definitions offend me, because, whatever Baba Vanga’s methods were, for her nearly 50 years of practice they have never done harm to a single person”.

(8) Krassimira Stoyanova gives some examples in this regard. Here is one of them.

To women who have had stillborn children, Baba Vanga would recommend that at their next pregnancy, they brought her a new doll, a baby blanket and a baby bath tub. She would hold them in her hands for a minute or two and then would tell them to perform the following procedure. The first night, the woman should wrap the baby blanket around her waist, the next night she should wrap the blanket around the doll. This should be repeated three times. After the baby is born, she should bathe it only in this bath tub. Usually, after these procedures, the women would bear healthy children, who would grow up and develop well.

The same procedure, this time performed by Baba Vanga herself, is described by Velitchka Yaneva from Kardzhali to Zheni Kostadinova (Kostadinova 2009a: 380):

My younger sister could not have children – in the fourth month of pregnancy her body would reject the fetus. When we went to Baba Vanga, she asked my sister, when she gets pregnant again to come back to her, in the fourth month and bring a doll and a baby blanket. I remember this scene very clearly – standing on her knees, Baba Vanga wrapped and unwrapped the blanket around the doll, talking something to herself, sweat pouring from her. Then she stood up and said: “It is now attached! The baby will be carried out and will be born healthy; when it becomes four months old, bring it to me so I can baptize it”. On the 9th of December 1970 my sister gave birth to a little boy…

(9) And here is one more example of a “ritual”, described by Stoyanova (1996: 132):

To a visitor, who would wet himself at night, although already grown up, Baba Vanga recommended bringing a kidney from a pig to her. After holding it for a while in her hands, she asked him to make the following procedure: he was to tie up that kidney to his waist, get two empty bottles from home and fill them with water from the sink, which was in the garden. After that he was supposed to drink this water, away from the sink, remove the kidney and bury it far away, in some meadow. The man was instantly healed.

The interpretation I would make of case (8) is the following.  I would start from afar, mentioning some facts about biotherapy. It can be performed through two mechanisms. 1) By concentration of thought the healer modulates on an informational level his or her astral body, which in its turn affects structurally the physical planes of the organism.  The result is a deliberate irradiation (in the ultraviolet, optical and infrared specters) from the fingers and palms of the bio-therapist. Apart from that, the bio-therapist can use the magnetic, electric and acoustic fields for healing purposes. But he or she, can also affects directly the astral body of the patient, through their own active astral body. The effect is a focal activation of the patient’s metabolism, augmentation of their energy balance and stimulation of their central nervous system with all subsequent effects.  2) When acting from long distance (but also in proximity) through concentration of thought, the healer can send a thought-form, representing a thought wave altered on an informational level (in psychotronics terms – a psy-wave). In this way they modulate the patient’s mental field on an informational level, and from there on the astral field, restoring the proper movement of energy through the patient’s chakras and main bio channels. As a result the patient’s physical body is also positively affected.

It is clear that, through the same mechanisms, if in place of the bio-therapist, there was an evil magician, the changes in the psyche and the body of the person, who is acted upon, could be negative. But black magicians do not influence in this way, because they are beings of low spirituality and don’t have the capability to act on a mental level. Instead, they usually use other unacceptable methods, such as invocation of Intelligent Bodiless Beings, residing on the lowest levels of the astral plane. Those are “beings” which readily accept to do the ”dirty work”, as they used to be criminals in their life on earth.

As we already explained, the noble, honest and honorable people are always surrounded by a circle of Intelligent Bodiless Beings from the higher realms of the astral world, and according to the person’s spiritual level – also from IBBs from the mental and higher worlds, which act as a shield from the evil IBBs.

But how does white magic work? The ordinary IBBs, it seems, cannot have direct impact over humans, because their astral energy is insufficient, and their astral “essence” is not as dense as that of lower-standing beings. So, the white magician does not invoke IBBs, because he or she is a person with a very strong psychic bio field of their own and is most probably capable to act in a similar way as bio-therapists. But if a good-natured and noble person (such as Baba Vanga), who doesn’t have the abilities of a magician, wanted to perform a magical action, he would need to use a strong prayer, which could attract IBBs from a higher rank, who have considerably stronger energy. This is most probably what Baba Vanga used to do. She didn’t have the specific abilities that Juna had for direct influence and could resort to two options: magic through prayer or magic through suggestion.

In the case of the women with stillborn babies, the fact that Baba Vanga held the ritual objects in her hands was meant to work through suggestion (because these were not biological products). At the same time however, she probably directed a very strong thought-form to God (it was captured by the “forces” with which she was in contact). In this way the Higher Intelligent Bodiless Beings (HIBBs), who have captured the informational imprint, could come to help. When the woman wrapped the baby blanket around her waist, this could probably cause changes on the astral and biophysical level in her organism, provided that the problem was of functional origin. The blanket itself was not miraculous, but it served as a “focal point” for the higher bodiless beings to concentrate their informational modulated energy upon. The wrapping of the doll with the blanket was a kind of symbolic action for bearing and giving birth to a healthy child. This symbol could magnify through resonance the actions of the HIBBs.

Especially in the case, recalled by Velitchka Yaneva, when Baba Vanga wrapped and unwrapped the blanket around the doll, she probably made a very strong prayer; and the fact that she was sweating profusely could be due to the extreme use of mental energy needed for the visualization. At the end of the ritual, when Baba Vanga said “It attached itself” she had probably received an answer from the HIBBs that her request would be executed.

These rituals, could however be interpreted to work on the level of pure suggestion. If a woman has once had a stillborn child, with her next pregnancy she would probably be very nervous. Her apprehension on a psychological level would lead to imbalance in the functioning of her nervous system, to disruption of her metabolism. Which, in turn, would have a bad effect on the fetus. Encouraged by Baba Vanga’s “magic” the woman would accept the new pregnancy calmly and confidently, and this would be critical for the normal development of the pregnancy and for the birth.

In my opinion, in case (9) the mechanism is one of pure suggestion and this is supported by the fact that ”the man was instantly healed” . Probably, this man was worried. If the incident happened once, he started worrying that it could happen always and it did start happening due to his negative auto-suggestion. Baba Vanga managed to break that vicious circle by distracting the man’s attention with the ritual actions she asked him to complete and especially, by reassuring him that this would help.

Yes, Baba Vanga was indeed a good psychologist, as many of those, who knew her well, would say!

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Baba Vanga – Beyond the Limit” by Svetla Todorova

The excerpt for this article was taken from “Baba Vanga – Beyond the Limit” by Svetla Todorova.