Akashic Records

The Akashic Records Hold Information About All of Our Incarnations

How do we get to the invisible chronicles of our soul?

Akashic records are cosmic records, invisible and difficult to access for the average person. Imagine a huge virtual library where all the information about every creature that ever lived in time is stored.

Our every thought, spoken word and action is recorded in the Akashic records. They store data not only from our current life but also from all our reincarnations. As well as future consequences (lessons) that we will have to go through as a result of our choices made in the present.

The Akashic records record both our good and bad emotions, words and deeds. But those familiar with them claim that there are no judgments or sanctions in the peculiar celestial chronicles. They are simply a record of each soul’s journey into infinity.

For the first time in modern history, the Akashic records were mentioned by the Russian occultist and writer Helena Blavatsky. The Russian woman claims that she learned about them from Tibetan monks, according to whom the mysterious records can be found in the “akasha”. Akash is actually ether – the fifth element. This fifth element of space is considered the primary creator of reality from which everything else arises, including matter.

The German metaphysician Rudolf Steiner also supports the thesis that every thought, word and deed of man leaves a trace in the etheric space. In fact, the Akashic records have been the subject of attention not only for the esoteric but also for science for centuries. Contemporary Hungarian physicist Irwin László scrutinized the concept of the akasha and concluded that in this mystical space are laid the templates for human ideals such as harmony and peace of mind.

Scholars of the Akashic records often refer to the biblical “Book of Life” as well. It is first mentioned in the Old Testament. According to scripture, a record of every life is kept in heaven, and it is from these records that souls are judged.

Accessing the Akashic records is not very easy for the average human being. Especially if he is driven solely by curiosity to find out what information is stored in his celestial file. On the other hand, there are many Masters, mediums, shamans, advanced yogis, monks and other gifted people with superpowers who could help us with this. It is not by chance that in every period of human existence and development here on Earth, dedicated individuals are sent to lead others forward.

Among the most famous people who had access to the Akashic records are the names of the great Nostradamus and the famous American medium Edgar Cayce. People familiar with the energy chronicles say that those of us who also want to access our etheric records can do so with the help of people like them. But this is not the only way. They can connect with angels and other beings of light as well as through their dreams. The many videos with a similar focus that can be found on YouTube and other platforms on the web come to the rescue here. But attempts to peer into the mystical chronicles are not always successful. Especially in the beginning. It is important not to give up and to keep trying – without expectations and with the necessary patience.

Here are some tips how to make the process easier in order to successfully access your personal Akashic Records:

Decide exactly what you want to know. Define your intent and question as precisely as possible.

Know that there are no wrong or stupid questions and intentions. You can ask about anything that interests you at the moment or in general.

When you are ready with your question, ask all forces, guides, beings and angels to come to your aid and reveal themselves to you. Even the ones you haven’t heard of and don’t know at the moment.

Use your preferred meditation practice. Take your time in the process. Give yourself time to relax, quiet your mind and thoughts, and channel your energy. Ask to be allowed access to the records related to the question you have. Remain in an open, receptive state, allowing information to enter your mind. It can be visual, auditory, in the form of a guide or an angel, or some feeling, sensation, carrying information.

If you contact a being – ask for their name and make it clear that you are seeking access to the Akashic Records in relation to your question.

When you decide, stop the session and take the time to write down the results of your experience. Did you gain access and what did you learn from it? Even if you didn’t succeed – write down your thoughts, feelings, emotions. This may be useful for you in the future.

Note that the connection to the space channels opens and is stronger in the evening.

Of course, most people do not believe in the existence of the Akashic Records. Many look on with derision and stubbornly deny that such a thing is possible. More pragmatic natures don’t believe in anything they can’t see with their eyes or touch with their hands. And a large part of humanity has never heard of such cosmic phenomena and are very far from the things we are talking about. But experts in the field say that whether we believe it or not, our Akashic records continue to seal every second of our lives.