Iodine Medicine

The Iodine Medicine and Its Strong Healing Properties

In summer, in the heats, together with sweat we discharge large quantities of iodine as well, and this irrevocably affects our health – the bodies lose their strength, we can easily catch a cold, the blood pressure rises, and sometimes heart pains appear… These ailments are all due to the lack of iodine.

In traditional medicine iodine is very popular: it is used for wounds, bruises, for disinfection of scratches.

There are people who are very sensitive to iodine: higher doses will cause their teeth to get yellow, their eyes to water, they will get respiratory issues and skin irritation – this condition is called “iodism”. Homeopaths can successfully treat it, but they take into account the constitution of the person’s body, the neuro-psychological type, and heredity. You can easily check if you have iodine intolerance: apply some iodine to a limited area on your skin – if, on the next day, the skin there has started peeling, this means you have higher sensitivity to this element.

Homeopaths use compounds of iodine with sodium, potassium, calcium, barium, gold, arsenic, sulfur, seaweed for the treatment of goiter and other conditions.

In the human body, all tissues, including the thyroid gland, contain iodine. The deficiency of iodine leads to a very unpleasant disease, called “goiter”.

The thyroid gland is connected with the activity of the central nervous system as well as with the production of blood, and disruptions in its function lead to disorders in the overall organism.

Iodine is used not only for the treatment of goiter, but also for syphilis, different diseases of the female reproductive system, lead and mercury poisoning. It is also extremely effective for flu and inflammations of the upper respiratory tract.

As already mentioned, in summer, our bodies discharge larger quantities of iodine. That is why it is recommended to consume more fruit and vegetables containing this element: grapes (especially the dark-colored varieties), plums (together with the skin), beetroot.

Kalmyk folk medicine recommends drinking a concoction from the peels of potatoes, beetroot and turnip. The skins of these vegetables are rich in iodine, which is necessary for the tissues of the bladder and the prostate gland.  This concoction not only kills all viruses, bacteria, fungi, but also helps throw them out of the body with the flow of urine; it is an excellent remedy in cases of painful urination, incontinence or urinary retention. If you are afraid that there are nitrates in the vegetables, instead of drinking the concoction try using the following procedure: dampen some cotton underwear in the concoction, then put it on, tie a larger cotton cloth around, and cover yourself with a cotton blanket, and above it another warmer blanket, take a nap for two hours – the result will be the same. If you add some clay to this miraculous drink you can make a mixture for compresses which can extract all that is unnecessary from the body – dead cells, viruses, gases. The compresses should be applied on the waist, the kidneys, the pubic bone – anywhere where there is some blockage.

We will offer you one more remedy from Kalmyk traditional medicine, which is very effective for sore throat, bad breath, bleeding gums. You should prepare a concoction from onion and garlic peels, then use if as mouthwash and for gargles three times a day – this will kill all bacteria in your mouth.

A good remedy against premature aging of the body, sclerosis, vertigo, tinnitus, constipation is milk, boiled with some seaweed inside, or with seawater added in 1:1 ratio. Drink 1 cup, 3 times a day. This remedy is similar to homeopathic ones: milk is rich in Calcium, while seaweed contains a lot of Iodine.

The daily dosage of iodine can be obtained if you regularly eat 5 apple seeds. The seed of fresh tomatoes, the skin of plums and the dark sorts of grapes, black currant, red currant and chokeberry can also help us obtain this important element. Apart from that they preserve their qualities even when dried, you should only avoid cooking them.

Practitioners of Yoga know that the loss of iodine during summer or winter may lead to hypertension and that is why one should take special measures during these seasons. Treatment is done in two phases: the first phase is in March, the second – in September. The procedures last ten days (from 1st  to 10th),  then an obligatory ten-day rest follows, after which the procedures re repeated (from 21st to 30th). The method is extremely simple: wrap some cotton on a matchbox stick, then dip it in iodine and apply on given parts of the body as follows:

1st day – apply on the wrist of the left hand. 2nd day – on the ankle of the right foot. 3rd day – on the wrist of the right hand.

4th day – apply on the ankle of the left foot. 5th day – draw a circle on the left arm, slightly above the elbow.

6th day – draw a circle on the right leg, slightly below the knee.

7th day – a circle on the right arm, above the elbow. 8th day – a circle on the left leg, slightly below the knee. 9th day – draw a dotted diagonal line on the back from left to right (from the shoulder to the thigh – where the leg joins the pelvis)

10th day – a dotted line from the right shoulder to the left thigh.

For purifying the blood we recommend using the following remedy in winter: add 3-4 cloves of garlic, fresh strawberries, apple jam and black currant. Garlic reduces the level of blood sugar and stops the division of cancer cells.

At home it is easy to prepare blue iodine, which is useful for treatment of patients who have suffered a stroke: in 50 mg of water stir 1 teaspoon of 3% iodine and 1 teaspoon of potato starch, after that – add 250 mg of boiling water. The dosage always depends on the condition of the patient – add one to eight teaspoonfuls of the mixture to some milk оr kissel (fruit juice) and drink take it after eating. The treatment should continue for 5 days, after which there is a five-day rest.

Blue iodine destroys dysentery bacteria, relieves allergic reactions: you should first take 2 pills of activated charcoal on an empty stomach, then drink some kissel (or fruit juice) with 5 teaspoons of blue iodine.

If, in winter, you regularly eat dried fruit, apricots, pears, raisins, wheat germ, and apply the iodine therapy describe above, you will be less irritable, healthy, full of life, and active. We strongly recommend taking also concoctions of soybeans, beans, pomegranate peels, pine tree new branch growths (these are also effective for cysts, erosion of the cervix, trichomonas colpitis).

The juice of sauerkraut is also extremely beneficial (it is very rich in vitamin C) — especially in combination with red pepper and beetroot: the red and purple elements contain protective substances which can destroy viruses and bacteria in seconds.

Iodine boosts the activity of leucocytes, increases the amount of erythrocytes and hemoglobin, reduces the level of cholesterol and lipoproteins in blood. If your child has pale lips, pay attention – this may be a symptom of anemia!