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The Magical Properties of Healing Songs and Dance

The magical properties of healing songs and dance have been known to man since ancient times.

Folk dances, where people hold their hands and, in the rhythm of the music, move into a circle, are a great way of recharging with energy. Dances in a circle were practiced even in ancient Greece. The American therapist D. Avery has been using very successfully music as a main healing method: he asks every patient to sing a tune and records it on tape. The patient then listens to these recordings and gradually recovers his or her normal condition. In his book “The role of music and sounds in the art of healing” D. Avery describes the therapeutic effect of the sound of a tuning fork for the treatment of different diseases. Hitting two tuning forks lightly produces spiritual unison, music for the soul.

The polyphonic a cappella and choir songs are therapeutic, because they establish balance inside the body.

The sound of falling water (waterfalls, fountains), the rumble of the stream, the sound of breaking waves all have a cathartic effect for the soul and heart. Water washes away all problems – if you are sad and lonely, share your troubles with the water and you will feel much better.

Music can have powerful impact on the human organism, especially if combined with color therapy.

Every note is associated with a certain chakra, and it, in turn, corresponds to a certain color. You can feel the vibrations of a given sound and the tension of the muscles, if, while singing a note, you place your palm on the chakra that corresponds to the given note. Try this procedure at night, in the bed. If you can’t feel the vibrations on the needed place, don’t give up, but try some more – in this way you are healing the specific chakra. Try to focus on the right spot, free your mind of all thoughts, dive into your inner realm.

In his book “The secret of healing” D. Avery writes: “Man is a ray of light. All colors are embodied inside him or her and in his or her aura. We reflect the different colors depending on the frequency in which we vibrate”

Everyone has a different frequency of vibration and it is related to a certain chakra and specific organs of the human body. Starting from the lowest positioned chakra, colors change in the following order:

The first (primary) chakra is located at the perineum. It manifests externally as the adrenal glands and controls the functions of the kidneys and the spine; it is associated with the color red.

The second chakra is positioned in the lower part of the spine, at the level of the sexual organs; its color is the orange.

The third chakra is located at the solar plexus. Its external manifestation is the pancreas and it controls the function of the liver, the spleen, the stomach, the gallbladder. It is perceived as yellow in color.

The fourth chakra is the chakra of the heart. It manifests externally as the thymus. It controls the function of the heart, the blood and the blood circulation. It is associated with the green color.

The fifth chakra is the one at the throat. Its manifests externally as the thyroid gland and controls the lungs, the vocal cords, the bronchi and the metabolism. It relates to the color blue.

The sixth chakra is located at the center of the forehead – between the eyebrows (it is also known as the third eye). It is associated with the pituitary and is perceived as dark blue (indigo) color.

The seventh, parietal chakra, is located at the top of the head. Externally it is manifested through the epiphysis and is perceived as violet in color, and sometimes as a combination of all colors: white light.

Human beings emanate a fusion of colours, Christ alone used to radiate light with a golden color, the angels – blue color, and the devil – violet.

And while you sing the notes, place your hand on each chakra and imagine its specific color, this will improve the function of all related organs. How does this happen?

Each color reflects the frequency with which the energy of the specific organs of our body vibrate. That is why through the aura of patients one can make exact diagnostics and define what changes have occurred in which specific organs. In his book “The unsuspected capabilities of man” the famous psychic D.V. Kandiba describes in detail the role of colors. All mineral salts, micro- and macro-elements have their own specific color, which can affect the psyche and physiology of man in a different way. He writes the following about notes:

The note “Do” is associated with the first chakra, which, as we already explained, corresponds to the color red. It boosts the immune system, increases the number of erythrocytes, tones up and revives the psyche. Instinctively, a lot of people in moments of apathy or depression put on clothes in this color, drink red wine or buy red flowers. Observing the red decorations on the Christmas tree during the holidays chases away the feeling of melancholia. The same effect can be achieved if you wear earrings or a necklace with red minerals. The ruby in golden jewels helps treat diseases of the heart.

The note “Re” is associated with the spleen and the orange color.

“Mi” – is associated with the stomach and the yellow color.

The orange and yellow improve the functioning of the glands of internal secretion, strengthen the nervous system, the lungs tissue, improve the digestion and the production of stomach acid. This is probably why citrus fruits, apricots, peaches, watermelons, pumpkins and sunflower seeds are so healthy. For treatment of melancholia doctors recommend eating melon in the morning, on an empty stomach – it cleanses the brain vessels. Pumpkins are also very helpful for problems with the urinary tract.

“Fa” corresponds to the fourth chakra and is associated with the heart. The green color calms the mind, brings harmony. It also slows down the rhythm of the heart, strengthens the defence mechanisms of the body, improves the production of new cells and muscle fibers, helps for the regeneration of tissues. Contemplating the beauty of nature, the vibrant spring and autumn colors, the clean untrodden snow liberates us from dark thoughts and moods, increases the number of new cells.

“Sol” is associated with the fifth chakra (the throat, the thyroid gland). The light grey color calms you down, normalizes the blood pressure, the heart rate, the muscle tone. The grey, dark sky causes apathy, changes in the blood pressure, fatigue.

“La” corresponds to the sixth chakra (the third eye, the pituitary)

The dark blue (indigo) color increases the vitality, heals the nervous system, helps in cases of insomnia and absent-mindedness, epilepsy and headache. Have in mind however that it paralyzes the shy and insecure people. The blue-violet combination can be harmful – it causes migraines and nausea. If you are often strung up, irritable, nervous, try to decorate your bedroom with dark blue wallpapers. Ship cabins painted in this color are suitable for people prone to seasickness. Amulets with blue or green stones will protect you from any diseases; the yellow stones protect from skin diseases, the red ones – from virus infections. Serve your dinner in blue-white plates – this will help you relax and prepare for sleep.

“Ti” is the seventh chakra – at the crown of the head. The violet color protects from parasites and fungi in the body.

Treatment with sounds has long been an established healing practice in eastern medicine. Al. Levashov proves in his publications that if you place your palm on a problematic area of the body and cause sound vibrations 20 times, you can destroy emerging cancer cells or glued thrombocytes. In order to do this you should place your left palm on the problem area and the right palm – above it, then pronounce aloud the sound “Heh”, after which 6 times – the sound “Si”. The sounds that Al. Levashov uses for therapy are borrowed from the chinese gymnastics Ti Gun and correspond to the different body organs.

The sound “Gu-O” is associated with the liver, the gallbladder, the tendons and the eyes.

The heart and the intestines are related to the sound “CHEN”.

“DON” corresponds to the spleen, the stomach, and the muscles of the mouth.

The lungs, the colon, the skin and the nose are associated with the sound “SHEN”.

“YU” corresponds to the kidneys, the bladder, the bones.

Astrologists associate music with the planet Uranus, as it controls the nervous system in the physical body and the meridians in the ephemeral body. As a closure on this topic, I would recommend singing as often as possible: this will help you cleanse your liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach. Sing! You will forget all problems and insults, this will bring lightness and joy to your soul.

Spiteful words can also charge us with black energy. In such situations Ayurveda recommends the following: place your right palm on the crown of your head and with the words ” I connect you with the Cosmos” pull your hand upwards and jump lightly. This vibration will help overcome the harsh words of people who are close to you, the insults, will help you recover your emotional balance.

Ultrasound destroys the genetic code of the DNA. Prayer has very high-pitch vibrations which intensify the strength of the organism to the harmful influences of the surrounding world. Prayer (especially in church, among a multitude of believers) is stronger even than radiation.

Winds, just as sounds, can have strong influence on our health. Wind coming from the North can cause high blood pressure, wind coming from the East causes headache, from the West – irritation of the liver, and wind from the South – can cause blood clots.

Laughter is a great sound which can tone up the body, relax you and prolong your life. Laughter can even help heal cancer.

Although they have no sound, thoughts can have very powerful vibrations – an example of this is telepathy. Black and light thoughts reach the Cosmos, from where they return again to us, they don’t disappear with the physical death of the individual, but are absorbed by the noosphere. Light thoughts (light vibrations) are vital for the life on Earth. Black energy is absorbed and purified by the white adepts but there are very few of them. That is why everyone of us should try not to give in to negative thoughts and emotions, never judge, envy and so on. This may be difficult, but it is perfectly possible – and depends entirely on us.