Healing Water

The Story About the Invention of a Wonderful Device For Water Healing

The inventor of the device to prepare aqua vita and dead water, L.I.Krotov, is widely known in the circles that have had the need of prophylaxis or water healing with aqua vitae and dead water.


So, in the beginning of 1981 L.I.Krotov had a diagnosis: inflammation of the kidneys and an adenoma of the prostate. The future inventor of the miraculous device went to hospital. He spent more than a month at the urological ward of the Stavropol medical institute (the town of Stavropol is in the Caucasus). When he was offered an operation of the adenoma, he refused to be operated on so he left the hospital. From that moment on he began to act by himself.


He was very ill but nevertheless he worked on the device for aqua vitae and dead water for more than three years. In the journal Inventors and Innovators there was an article Unexpected Water. In the same journal there was an interview with an academician from the Uzbek Academy of Sciences under the title Activated Water is Perspective.  Krotov made his first tests on the water he received on the wound on his son’s arm which would not heal for six months. The water healing exceeded all Krotov’s expectations. The wound healed on the second day! Krotov began to drink aqua vitae, half a glass before meals, three times a day, and felt an obvious relief. His adenoma disappeared after a week. His radiculitis disappeared, too, and his swollen legs became normal again. His blood pressure became normal, too.  He went to the polyclinic one week after he began drinking the aqua vitae. After the tests doctors were amazed to see that he was completely healthy.


Miracles continued. A neighbor spilled boiling water on her arm and received burns of the third degree (there are four degrees of burns; the second and the third degrees mean that over 15% of the skin is burned). She used aqua vitae and dead water from Krotov’s device and after two days there was no sign of the burn. The son of a friend of Krotov’s had pus in the veins and there were deposits in his throat. Krotov recommended the boy to start gargling with activated water. The boy began to rinse his gums and gargle with dead water; after that he drank a glass of aqua vitae. The result was that the boy got rid of all his ailing after three days.

More than 600 people with different diseases were treated with the miraculous water and in all cases the result was positive.


The water was tested in the laboratory of Stavropol Water and Sewerage Company (aqua vitae — 11.4 units, dead water — 4.21 units) and the results showed that this concentration decreased with only several hundredths for a month and temperature did not influence the water activity.


After inventing the device, Krotov made a practical schedule of procedures with activated water healing for a number of diseases and he defined how long the treatment should be, and when the process of recovering could be expected.


How does the device for water healing work?

Here is a video link demonstrating how the device works (it’s in Bulgarian).

So, water offered the scientists the next mystery when they treated it with electric current. The same effect was observed earlier with electrolysis but as a temporary effect: if you run electric current between the two electrodes dipped in water, around one of them, the anode, acidic environment is formed, and around the cathode, alkaline environment is formed. After the current is switched off, the water becomes neutral again.


A semipermiable barrier was put between the electrodes without distorting the effect so that mixing environments, formed by the electric current, was prevented and two different liquids, anolyte and catholyte were obtained. They were examined and the new active properties of the unusual water were discovered: the anolyte has surviving properties, the catholyte has restoring properties.


These properties were examined in different institutes and laboratories in Moscow, Kiev (the capital of Ukraine), Tashkent (the capital of Uzbekistan), Kazan (the capital of Tatarstan) and some other cities. A wide scope of possible practical application of these properties has been discovered, in production and in everyday life.


Workers from the food industry were interested how acidic water could prolong shelf life of perishable products. Doctors were impressed by the fact that it stopped inflammation processes and was suitable for the treatment of scratches and wounds. Treating scratches and wounds with alkaline water accelerated healing.


Experiments with plants showed curious results: some plants were watered with ordinary water, others with alkaline water (catholyte) and some with acidic water (anolyte). The first group developed well, the second group grew much quicker, and the third group did not grow at all. When the third group was watered with alkaline water, the plants began to grow very quickly, much quicker than the first two groups.


Doctor Smelova, MD, who is a healer, too, said about the device, “Its performance is very simple. We know from chemistry that all liquids are electrolytes. Water is one of the purest electrolytes; there is some quantity of metals and mineral substances in it. Under the influence of the electric current the chemical reaction results in alkaline, positively charged, aqua vitae and acidic, negatively charged, dead water. The human body is in fact a big biochemical laboratory. Seventy percent of it is water. The acidic environment has the property to kill dangerous bacteria and viruses and helps cleanse the parts of the skin or the internal organs where there is inflammation. Inflammation is a result of intensive breeding of micro organisms. Alkaline environment restores damaged tissues. A biochemical oxidative and recovering reaction takes place”.


What is the device for aqua vitae and dead water?


The device is a vessel separated into two parts by a semipermiable membrane. The electrodes, the anode and the cathode, are placed in the compartments and a DC source is switched on. The essence of the process is actually in the fact that ions penetrate through the membrane under the impact of the electric current and create higher concentration of cathions and anions in the two compartments of the vessel. After the electric current is cut off, the concentration of cathions and anions is not equalized due to the bad penetrability of the membrane.


This device is often called electrolyser, hydrolyser or activator. The water obtained is called activated water.


Water healing with aqua vitae and dead water

The effect of the water obtained by this wonderful device is universal and often prophylactic. It is important to know what the quantity of the water and the duration of the treatment are. It is essential to know that you should not use too much water for too long time as the acidic and alkaline structure of this activated water has a very strong effect so you can use aqua vitae and dead water in small doses for not more than three or four days.

  • Activated water has a good effect on internal organs such as kidneys and liver and stimulates the function of the intestines.
  • If you have gastrointestinal disorders, drink half a glass of dead water and the pains in your abdomen will stop after half an hour.
  • If you have a cold, a running nose, a sore throat or flu, activated water has a very good effect.
  • Purulent wounds, boils and burns heal immediately if you use this water. Wash the tender spot with dead water and after 3–5 minutes wash it with aqua vitae; for forty-eight hours make compresses of the sore spot only with aqua vitae. If you have internal purulent spots, keep a compress with dead water for forty-eight hours.
  • If you have toothache, rinse your mouth with dead water (anolyte) and your toothache will disappear. Anolyte has a high penetrating ability into the living tissue and destroys bacteria so that the inflammation purulent process is stopped and the pain stops, too.
  • In cosmetics this water can be used to restore the hair growth and to improve the condition of the skin. After you wash your hair, dry it a little with a towel and rinse with dead water, and then with aqua vitae. After you wash your face, rub it with a piece of cotton first with dead water and then with aqua vitae. Your skin will be clean and fresh.
  • In order to improve the general tonus of your body, after meals in the morning and in the evening, you can rinse your mouth first with dead water and then drink half a glass of aqua vitae.

You can find more detailed information how to use aqua vitae and dead water in the following table.

How to use activated water to treat different diseases (AV — aqua vitae, DW — dead water)

Disease Procedures Result
Adenoma of the prostate Drink half a glass of AV for five days four times a day 30 minutes before meals. After three or four days mucus is extricated. There is no urge to urinate frequently. After eight days the adenoma disappears
Sore throat For three days five times a day after meals gargle with DW and after each gargle drink a quarter of a glass of AV. The temperature goes down the first day. On the third day you are cured.
Pains in the joints of the limbs Three times a day before meals drink half a glass of DW. The pain stops on the first day.
Inflammation of the liver Drink half a glass of activated water four times a day for four days. The first day drink only DW, the other three days drink AV. Inflammation processes are neutralised.
Inflammation processes and closed boils For two days make compresses of the inflamed spots with warm DW. After forty-eight hours the inflammation processes disappear.
Haemorrhoids For one or two days lave with DW, and then put tampons with AV; change them after they dry. Bleeding stops, small cuts heal for forty-eight or thirty-six hours.
Hypertension Drink half a glass of DW twice a day. Blood pressure becomes normal.
Hypotension Drink half a glass of AV twice a day. Blood pressure becomes normal.
Purulent wounds Wash the wounds with DW, and after three to five minutes wet them with AV; after that wet them only with AV five or six times a day. The wounds heal after five or six days.
Headache Drink half a glass of DW. Headache disappears after 30 to 50 minutes.
Flu Eight times during the day rinse your mouth and lave your nose with DW. Before going to bed drink half a glass of AV After twenty-four hours the flu is gone.
Smelly feet Wash the feet with warm water, Dry and put on DW; after ten minutes pour over AV and leave to dry. The bad smell disappears.
Toothache Rinse your mouth with DW for five to ten minutes. Toothache disappears.
Acids Drink half a glass of AV. Acids disappear.
Cough Drink half a glass of AV for two days four times a day after meals. Cough disappears.
Colpitis (inflammation of the vagina) Heat DW and AV to 37-40 degrees Centigrade and lave the vagina first with DW and then, after ten minutes, with AV. Repeat the procedure for two or three days. Colpitis disappears after the first day.
Hygiene of the face In the morning and in the evening, after you wash your face rub it with DW and then with AV. Pimples disappear and the skin becomes tender.
Lichen and eczema. For three or four days wet the spot with DW and leave to dry; then, six or seven times, after ten or fifteen minutes, wet with AV. In the morning treat with DW, after that, after ten to fifteen minutes treat with AV, and six or seven times with AV during the day. Lichen and eczema disappear after three to five days.
Dandruff Wash your hair with shampoo, dry a little, rinse with DW and after three minutes with AV. Dandruff disappears and the hair becomes softer.
Burns If there are blisters, they should be ruptured. The infected area is wetted with DW; after five minutes apply AV. During the day for seven or eight times wet with AV. Procedures continue for two or three days. Burns heal for two or three days.
Swollen hands Treatment lasts fro three days. Drink half a glass of DW four times a day thirty minutes before meals the first day; three-fourths of a glass of DW the second day and half a glass of AV the third day. | Swelling decreases and pain subsides.
Diarrhoea Drink half a glass of DW. If diarrhoea does not stop during the day, repeat the procedure. Pains in the abdomen disappear after twenty to thirty minutes.
Cuts, pricking and ruptures Wash the wound with DW and bandage. The wound heals for one or two days.
Abraded neck Make a compress with warm DW; drink half a glass of DW before meals four times a day. Pains disappear after one or two days.
Radiculitis Drink three-thirds of a glass of AV three times a day. The pain disappears after one day, sometimes after twenty to forty minutes.
Varicous veins, bleeding from torn vein nodes Wash swollen and bleeding places with DW; after that wet a piece of gauze with AV and put it on the tender spots. Drink half a glass of AV every four hours four times a day. Repeat the procedure for two or three days. Bleeding stops, vessels shrink.
Sterilisation and disinfection Objects, fruits and vegetables are wetted or rubbed with cotton dipped in DW. All bacteria are destroyed. There is no danger of infection.
Dead skin removed from the soles Put your feet in a basin with warm suds. Rinse them with warm water and wet with warm DW. Rub the places with thickened skin and remove it. Wash the feet with warm AV and dry. Your soles will be soft and elastic.
Improve your self-confidence and normalize the basic functions of your body, In the morning and in the evening after meals rinse your mouth with DW and drink half a glass of AV. Your immunity will be strengthened and metabolism is normalised.


Note: If you use only AV, you will feel thirsty, so you have to have compote (stewed fruit) or sour tea. The interval between drinking AV and DW should be no less than two hours.