Zone of Silence

The Zone of Silence – One of The Most Mystical Places On The World Map

It is full of secrets and anomalies. Locals claim to see UFOs all the time.

They call it the second Bermuda Triangle. Mysterious, untamed, creepy and full of secrets, anomalies and paradoxes. This is the Zone of Silence in Mexico.

The local tribes – the mestizos, knew that this place, this area, hides extraordinary qualities since ancient times. They even had a belief that couples who had a problem conceiving children only had to go to the Zone of Silence and after 9 months their child would appear in the world.

An interesting fact is that, like the Bermuda Triangle and the Egyptian Pyramids, the Zone of Silence is located on the same 27th parallel. It is located about 2,400 square km in the Mexican desert and the temperatures here range from extremely high during the day to sub-zero at night.

In the Zone of Silence, all technology goes haywire, shuts down, radio and satellite signals are lost, phone networks disappear, and even compasses start spinning like crazy.

Zona del Silencio, as is the local name of the wonderland, has long been the subject of research and is a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. The roads to the Zone are black, covered in mud and dust, but there is a rail line that provides access to the mysterious place. Ceballos, in the Mexican state of Durango, is the closest population to the Zone.

On the territory of the Zone of Silence, rare types of cacti are found, from green to pink-purple. As well as rare animal specimens, such as the local Mapimi turtle. According to the sources, the insects that inhabit the mysterious zone are 2-3 times the size of the same insects, which are found outside the Zone of Silence. The unusual flora and fauna at this place on the earth’s map are the subject of research by scientists.

The first incident in the Zone of Silence occurred in the 1930s. A pilot named Francisco Sarabia was flying over there when he noticed that his plane’s mechanics were going crazy and his radio signal was disappearing.

In 1970, the US Air Force was preparing an Athena-123-D combat missile (loaded with radioactive material – Cobalt 57), which unexpectedly changed course and headed for Mexico and the Zone of Silence. Although it eventually landed hundreds of kilometers from it, the course change itself becomes a grand question for scientists and the military. But the strange attraction is a fact. The rocket became the subject of many studies, but from all hypotheses none stood out as the total truth.

The attraction to the Zone of Silence and the muted radio and light signals is attributed to the presence of unusually strong terrestrial magnetism there. This is also the reason that many meteorites that scientists find in the Zone are attracted to the it.

One of the most famous and largest meteorites to land in the Zone of Silence is Allende. It is composed of huge amounts of metals (among them the rare aluminum 26), carbons and hydrocarbons. It even contains amino acids and water. Allende landed on Earth on the night of February 8, 1969 and is considered one of the most significant meteorites to hit our planet.

His appearance startled the local residents. Some of them thought that the end of the world was coming and fell on their knees to pray. Others report a magnificent blue-and-white streak snaking across the night sky. Teams of specialists were immediately sent to Ceballos, as the authorities believed that there would be many injured people. Interestingly, there were none. Everyone was shocked by what was happening and by the deafening sound of the impact, but no one was physically injured. The windows of the houses were shattered, but the people remained unharmed. The Allende meteorite is about 4.5 billion years old, scientists estimate, and was probably born around the time a supernova formed our solar system.

In his 1986 book – “The Zone of Silence“, the author Gerry Hunt hypothesized that at some point in the history of the earth, a huge meteorite crashed precisely at the territory of today’s Zone of Silence. Another of his hypotheses is that meteors may be deliberately guided to Earth by some “higher intelligence”.

Local residents and scientists testify to a mystical light phenomenon in and around the Zone of Silence. Countless points of light and orbs diverge and shine in wondrous choreographies in the sky. According to many, unidentified flying objects – UFOs – often appear among these lights. Hunt also writes about this phenomenon in his book.

Doctor Hector López-Loera, professor of geophysics at the National University of Mexico City, confirmed the phenomenon after collecting dozens of eyewitness reports and said:

“There is no doubt that lights exist, but what they are and where they come from is a mystery.”

Aliens in the Zone of Silence

 In the fall of 1976, something amazing happened. A huge craft was spotted, as described by eyewitnesses, hovering silently near the Zone of Silence. The locals gather to watch the silent spacecraft, which they are certain is a mysterious object. Its length is between 60 and 90 meters. A strong glow emanated from it, which was clearly outlined in the night sky. Blue and green lights were seen at the edges of the rectangular flying object.

When it appears, the animals go wild. Their owners have a strong feeling that they are being watched and panic, says the mayor of Sebayos. After standing still for several minutes, the ship began to move away. According to some theories, the Zone of Silence is a portal between different worlds. And the case we have described is neither the first nor the last one. The farmers in Ceballos claim that they constantly see different UFO formations. Some locals even claim to have encountered creatures from these ships. They were blond and said they came “from above.”

Strange artifacts can and have been found in the Zone of Silence, scientists say. Ancient relics have also been found there, such as a human head carved out of stone. As well as a mound covered with stones. But who lived in this place remains a mystery to this day. The many strange anomalies that occur also remain a mystery.