Hard Work

There is No Substitute For Hard Work

“Hard work is healthy. When we work hard and with dedication, we use our mind and body in positive ways, which strengthens both our physical and mental health.” – Hal Urban

How does our hard work pay off?

We can have fantastic motivation and great goals, but nothing will be achieved if we don’t add hard work to them. If we think something is worth achieving, it is also worth putting in more than the usual effort. The good things in life always come as a result of putting in time, energy, sacrifice, and even a willingness to take the risk of failure. Therefore, success requires a certain amount of raw determination. It comes to people who are not afraid of challenges and the infamous old hard work. If we want our dreams to become reality, we must include hard work in our plans. And the best thing about hard work is that it not only helps us achieve our dreams, but also pays off in many other ways. Here are just some of them:

Hard work helps us reach our potential. When hard work starts to pay off, it motivates us to increase our efforts even more. And it helps us see more clearly how much we can achieve. Success brings confidence, and confidence brings more and more success.

Hard work helps us face life. Life is hard. Every day we are faced with the necessity of choosing whether to whine and despair or to fight back and fight the odds. Hard work and a positive mindset are the best tools we have to deal with life’s challenges.

Hard work makes us feel good. There is no greater sense of satisfaction than what we feel after completing a task and knowing that we did our best.

Hard work builds our character. There is hardly a better measure of what we are as people than our willingness to work hard. Selfless and honorable efforts bring to life the best in us.

Hard work earns us the respect of other people. We earn the respect and admiration of others when we put our best into our work and especially when we work hard. With this, we also gain their trust. And we are building a solid good reputation.

Hard work strengthens and increases self-esteem. When we give our best in our work, it increases the respect we feel for ourselves and boosts our self-esteem. Whether we achieve success or not, the very experience of achieving it and the dedicated efforts we do make us feel good.

Hard work brings meaning to our lives. Dedicated and persistent work to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves is one of the most meaningful and satisfying experiences. And seeing meaning in our lives spurs us to action and fills us with happiness.

Hard work helps us achieve the best possible results. Namely: life is much more interesting and joyful when we live it productively. Dedicated and hard work brings great satisfaction.

Hard work becomes a habit. Good habits are the key to any success. And the three best habits are integrity, mutual respect, and hard work.

Hard work is healthy. When we work hard and with dedication, we use our mind and body in positive ways, which strengthens both our physical and mental health. People who work hard and dedicate themselves are healthier and live longer. Hard work is good for our health.


Life’s Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter“, Hal Urban