To Be Happy

To Be Happy is To Acquire Those Goods to Which Your Soul Aspires

“Health is valued through illness. There is no stronger poison than negative thoughts and feelings.”

Through the conversations about the eternal truths, inspired by the Divine University of Teacher Beinsa Duno and collected in the book “Awakening of the Soul” by Maria Maistorova

 Does human happiness exist on Earth? And if there is one, how do I achieve it?

I will begin my answer by clarifying the eternal topic of the meaning of life and the attainment of happiness. From a philosophical point of view, it is nothing but an elevation of consciousness to a higher level, in which one breaks with old traditions and understandings of life. Human happiness lies in what is experienced today. What is important is the new knowledge that you currently understand and that you can process and apply in your current life. Only what you realize brings your good. Our happiness is hidden in what we carry inside us, not outside.

All people want to be happy, but they do not make any effort to attract happiness. Why? Because they look for it outside of themselves, for example in money, in power, in career – where it is not there. To be happy is to acquire those goods to which your soul aspires. One can be happy by sleeping soundly, when one can easily deal with the contradictions of one’s mind and heart. Virtue is the way to happiness, and love makes it possible. When a man’s heart is good, he is happy. We cannot be happy until we wish the happiness of all people.

Happiness is something invisible. It is due to favorable spiritual combinations, not material goods. Look around and you will see that every person has experienced the drama and tragedy of life. Now we have to understand its symphony. Sometimes people on Earth are happy and sometimes they are unhappy. We are happy to the extent that we do the will of God. Therefore, everyone should be ready to serve the Divine in themselves. Our minds and hearts are already being prepared to understand the problems of life hidden in being itself.

Always follow the great ideals of your soul, which you carry with you from childhood. Only they are able to harmonize your mind and your heart. Today, trials are nothing but conditions to look around and see what we are. By imagining all the situations in which we can fall, we must know how to act, and that with the smallest oppositions and misunderstandings. That is how a person can educate his mind, heart and will. Everyone should be aware of how far their options and freedom extend. In self-education it is necessary to apply love and faith. When the little trials come, you will apply love. And you will defeat the big ones with faith! Man will inevitably go through both good and evil, because they are placed in his path, as conditions for growth and self-improvement.

Diseases and sufferings are methods by which Nature wants to make man think. They are nothing but tasks for us to solve. Whoever solves his task, he himself brings out the good that is hidden in the disease. He has passed through such experiences as no sane person knows. Therefore, health is valued through illness.

Of course, we must preserve our health and protect ourselves from the diseases we create ourselves by discovering the internal causes of their occurrence. And they are hidden in human thoughts, feelings and desires. Disharmonious thoughts upset the brain system, and disharmonious feelings upset the autonomic nervous system. There is no stronger poison than negative thoughts and feelings. Two main causes create diseases: one is physical – improper breathing and eating, and the second is mental – improper thinking and feeling. When the disturbances are mainly of a sensual nature, the astral body is ill, i.e. the feeling body. And it, in turn, transmits the disease to the heart, blood vessels, liver, respiratory and digestive systems. And disharmonious thoughts primarily upset the central nervous and respiratory systems. Every negative thought directed at someone boomerangs back to whoever sent it. Pessimistic feelings are a common cause of illness. When they dominate, vitality disappears and a person gradually becomes ill.

The modern world will go through great transformations that will produce strong upheavals in people’s minds, so that they finally understand that they must be reasonable and do God’s will, not their own.


“Awakening of the Soul”,  Maria Maistorova (follower of Beinsa Duno teaching)