Today's Young People

Today’s Young People – They Don’t Have To Do Anything. They Just Have To Be

“They are generally focused on helping others, not creating karma, and staying as inconspicuous as possible.”

Dolores Cannon (1931 – 2014) was a regression hypnotherapist and parapsychic researcher documenting “lost” knowledge. She began working with hypnosis in 1968 and with past life therapy and regression in 1979. She studied the various methods of hypnosis and developed her unique technique, which she subsequently taught all over the world. The American is the author of numerous books that help us discover and realize why certain events happen in our lives. According to her, the deepest part of our consciousness is also the greatest source of power that has ever existed. In her 40-year practice, Dolores Cannon found recurring characteristics in some of her clients that she categorized into three waves. “The purpose of the three waves is twofold. First, to alter the Earth’s energy so that it avoids catastrophe. And secondly, to help raise people’s energy so that they can ascend with Earth into the next dimension,” says Cannon in her book, “Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”.

The Three Waves

Determining the approximate age of each of the three waves occurred as I conducted seances with many hundreds of people. They were all saying the same things about their current lives and they were all coming back to the same situations during the session. So I started making a rough categorization of them according to their current age.

The first wave of these souls, now in their late 40s to early 60s, had the hardest time adjusting. They dislike the violence and ugliness they find in this world, and want to return “home,” though they have no conscious idea of where that might be. Emotions upset and even paralyze them, especially strong emotions like anger and hatred. They can’t stand being around people who exhibit them. Such emotions have a dramatic effect on them – as if the emotions are foreign to them. They are accustomed to peace and love, for these are the conditions in which they resided where they came from. Although these people seem to have a good life, a loving family and a good job, many of them try to kill themselves. There seems to be no logical reason, but they still feel extremely unhappy and don’t want to be here.

The second wave are now in their late 20s and 30s. They go through life with much more ease. In general, they are focused on helping others, not creating karma, and staying unnoticed as much as possible. They are described as antennae, beacons, generators, conductors of energy. They came into our world with a unique energy that has a huge impact on those around them. They don’t have to do anything. They just have to be. I have been told that even just walking through a crowded mall or grocery store, their energy affects everyone they come in contact with. That’s how powerful they are, but of course they don’t realize it on a conscious level. The paradox is that although they are expected to affect people with their energy, they are not really comfortable around people. So many of them stay at home in seclusion to avoid mixing with others; they even work from their homes. In this way they defeat their purpose. Many of the representatives of the first and second waves do not want to have children. Subconsciously they realize that children create karma and they don’t want to have anything to tie them here. They just want to do their job and get out of here. Many of them do not marry unless they are lucky enough to find someone else of their own kind.

The third wave are the new kids, many of whom are currently in puberty. They have come into our world with all the necessary knowledge on an unconscious level. The DNA of everyone on Earth is currently being altered to adapt to the new vibrations and frequencies. But the DNA of the new children has already been altered and they are primed to continue with little or no problems. Of course, many of these children are misunderstood by schools and unfortunately medicated. According to a recent medical report, 100 million children have been misdiagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and prescribed Ritalin and other drugs. These kids have nothing. They are just more advanced and operate on a different frequency. Because they are so intelligent, they get bored easily at school. I’ve been told that they need challenges to keep their interest. This group has been called “the hope of the world.” Some of these children are only nine or ten years old and have already graduated from college. They create organizations and, amazingly, these are organizations to help the children of the world!

I once asked “them” why for the first wave was the hardest for them? They said that some were supposed to be the pioneers, the trailblazers, the ones to show the way. They have blazed a trail that would make it easy for others to follow.


Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth” by Dolores Cannon