Soul Attraction

True Soul Attraction is Built on Divine Connections

About love

Dreams in emotional relationships disappear as soon as the spiritual needs of the man and the woman diverge in time and space. This is a common occurrence. Do not regret that you loved and were not reciprocated, because through your love you got to know your heart better, you enriched your thoughts, you helped the person you loved. When you love, you help the Divine in you to manifest, and the more it grows, the more magnetic you become, which is why other people will also begin to love you.

There is physical, mental and spiritual intimacy. True soul attraction is built on divine connections. They are the only permanent, unchanging and ever-increasing ones. To strengthen the marriage union, each partner must accept and respect the other’s need for privacy, independence and security.

If you choose as a partner a person with whom you are similar in mind and heart, you will enter into a relationship with intelligent beings of a higher hierarchy, and conversely, if such compatibility is lacking, you will connect with a lower spiritual environment. In friendly relations, a person must take part both externally and internally – with his mind, heart, soul and spirit. Your loved one may suffer from some disease or be tormented by some doubt, but if you love him, you will remove the painful thorns from his flesh and show him the way to walk in order to rise spiritually. Have you smelled the fragrance that comes from open souls? The opening of a soul means that at the same time both the mind and the heart are open to the good. It is a great thing to be related to a soul by inner kinship. When you meet her, then you can think about marriage.

Three things are necessary to perceive the truth: to put on the garment of hope—that is in the virtues of the physical world; to put on the garment of faith necessary for the spiritual world, because through faith the feelings are processed and deep inner insight is gained. And finally – to have love to give meaning to your life and resolve all contradictions. Therefore, having faith, hope and love, you will come to the truth and be freed from what has been tormenting your mind for a long time. All your troubles and disappointments come from the lack of love. Since there is no love, there can be no faith, hope and truth. The contradictions between you will increase if resentment grows instead of love, and then diseases and evils will inevitably come. So, if there is no thaw in the relationship, the home climate will become harmful for your health and it will be better to separate, as the crisis in the relationship will deepen.

As long as a person lives only for himself, he serves evil. He who answers evil with the same is following the path of fallen spirits. This does not mean that it is omnipotent. Remember that evil gives way to good. Knowing this, do not fight with it, but put the good in the foreground – to educate and tame it. Only love can destroy the action of hatred.

Goodness is magic by which one transforms negative forces into positive ones. Learn to elevate your thoughts above the mundane. Try to concentrate and arrange as in a mosaic the basic stones of your own essence to achieve a higher level of knowledge and wisdom.

In all evolutionary stages, a woman’s inner vision will be clearer than a man’s. However, a man will always be more capable of doing what a woman tells him when they are spiritually similar. The woman and the man in a harmonious marriage are like the eye and the hand. For every man a woman is made that suits him, and is the only one that exists for him, both in this and in all possible worlds. When they become relatively perfect and understand their relationship in depth, their life will be one eternal love intoxication.

A woman’s ideal man is the only being in the universe who has the ability to turn what she sees into action. It is a cosmic rule that no one should know about the love between two people, because revealing it will always cause obstacles for them to overcome.

From: “Awakening of The Soul”, Maria Maistorova (follower of Beinsa Duno teaching)