Tzonka Daskalova – a Talented Herbalist That Helped Thousands of People

“I have been interested in herbs since I was a child. My gift to cure is hereditary: my grandparents were very well-known herbalists. Maybe that gift is from God as a compensation for the palsy which I had when I was three years old. I have a special feeling for the herbs; I know them, I love them and feel them with my heart. I know where each herb grows and when it is time to gather it, and what disease it can cure. I could not go myself to walk the meadows because of the palsy, so I told my mother where the places to gather the herbs were. I felt herbs were my mission in life.

When I was a university student, I made the richest and the best herbarium of all; I was a very good student. My teachers respected me and advised me to stay at the university for a PhD.

I realized fully the effect of herbs after I was operated on for a nephrolithiasis and hydronephrosis of my left kidney. After the operation it stopped functioning. Doctors decided to remove it after six months to see if it could recover. Unfortunately, due to the palsy, my right kidney was smaller and underdeveloped so it did not function properly.

Then I tried three different herb combinations and after six months Professor Lambrev and two assistant professors were surprised to see that my kidney had recovered completely. I told them what herb combination I had used. Since then in all pharmacies you can find my herb recipes for kidney diseases under the name “Professor Lambrev’s herbs”. Later I took part in the preparation of the famous herb mixes of Professor Sheitanov’s.

In my work as Master Pharmacist I have been curing with herbs diseased kidneys, gynecological, gastrointestinal and lung diseases. I am proud of the fact that with God’s help and my herbs over 300 babies were born in Bulgaria.

I will never forget my first oncological case. It was in 1976, with a young 26- year-old man working on a big construction site, with a severe form of lung cancer. His condition was hopeless so while I was preparing his herbs I cried a lot and prayed to God to help the man recover. I felt heartbroken at the thought that this young man would die. I did my best: I made a lot of inquiries on phitotherapy, and I added new herbs. The young man followed my instructions very strictly, and to my and the doctors’ great amazement after some time  the man spat parts of the tumor formation and recovered, like in a miracle. His doctor came to me to express his sincere admiration of the result.

News about my success in herb therapy spread quickly and from all over Bulgaria and abroad suffering people started coming. In my yard about 150 people gathered and for hours desperately waited for me to receive them.  I had no moral right to refuse to see them. I worked tirelessly. Of course, there were “vigilant” offenders who went to the police to tell them about my “charlatanry”.  During socialism people like me were prosecuted. I was arrested over ten times and I even had to go to the Supreme Court. They sent controlling commissions; I had to write reports to the Ministry of Health I had a lot of trouble but I had good results with herbs and this gave me the force and ambition to continue to work. People who I cured helped me. In 1986 I received a license from the Ministry of Health that I was permitted to cure with herbs. This document saved me from prison and further prosecution.

Since 1991 (after the democratic changes when Bulgaria left the socialist block) I have had an official license authorized by the Ministry of Health and Sofia City Court to cure patients with herbs, with or without a doctor’s diagnosis. I had to pass exams periodically in order to confirm my certification as a Master Pharmacist.

Herbs are not weeds. They are plants which can be powerful remedies with their chemical properties. Their effect is slower but they have no side effects, which could harm the body like chemistry does, and treatment is safe with them. They are a “good” medicine but they are not completely harmless and you should be careful with them. Only mint (Menta piperita), melissa (Melissa officinalis) and wood elder (Sambucus nigra) are harmless. Herbs which grow by the roads are full of heavy metals. However, blackberry is a very interesting herb: it can grow near heaps of lead without any influence on its fruit, leaves or root. The service tree (Sorbus domestica) cleans the body of strontium and other heavy metals.

I buy the herbs I work with from the best regions in Bulgaria, and they are gathered by experienced herbalists with the respective certificates. I use them in my combinations only after a preliminary test for radioactivity in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. I have tested over 400 herbs but I use only over 100 of them. The most important factor for a successful treatment is to keep strictly to the dose and the prescriptions, to have perseverance and faith. I always recommend to my patients to respect the diet prescribed for their illness, and to lead a balanced life without stress or anger. I do my best, and if the patient follows strictly my recommendations, the results will be amazing. You should love yourself, take care of yourself and be persistent in treatment. The English say, “If you want to help me, take care of yourself” – that means if you are well, you will not need anybody to take care of you.

It is really stressful to tell a cancer patient that their treatment will last for years. However, I have a lot of cases in which hopeless patients are cured and live a normal life.

God gave me senses to feel the reason, not only the consequence, to see what must be given to the patient and how to prepare it.  When I prepare the herb combinations, I take into consideration the patients’ history so that the treatment with herbs would help the treatment of the official medicine. With a suitable combination of both parallel treatments, the results are excellent.

When I talk with patients, I often can put a diagnosis of diseases the symptoms of which have not appeared yet. If there is reincarnation, I think that in my previous life I was connected with herbs and cured people with them. I am sad that doctors still do not trust herbs. Communication between the oncologist and the herbalist pharmacist would be essential to the patient.

My way in life is full of grief, pain, faith, hope and great joy when I see a cured patient. The results of the correct treatment
and its strict observance mean recovery of the sick person and restored smiles.

Now I will tell you how to prepare herbs; how to make a decoction, an infusion and an alcohol based infusion


Boil herbs on low fire and believe in their force.

There is a big difference between herb decoctions, alcohol based infusions and infusions:

Infusions are made without boiling the herb or herb combination. Pour boiling water on them and put a lid on the vessel. In this way active substances from the herbs are extracted. Leave the herbs in the water usually for 20 to 30 minutes. For example, 30 minutes are needed to extract the active substances from bearberry (Arctostaaphylos uva-ursi).

Herb decoctions

Herb decoctions are obtained when the herb or herb combinations are put in the necessary quantity of boiling water, and boiling continues on very low fire under lid for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. The herb should be boiled at a low fire; otherwise the useful substances decompose and cannot be extracted fully. Depending on the purpose, the decoction stays in the water for 30, 60 or 120 minutes, but not more than the necessary time. You should use glass, enamel or alpaca vessels, not aluminum. The enamel should be without cracks and rough surface. The decoction is filtered and put in a glass or plastic bottle and then put in the fridge. It should not be kept outside a fridge as it easily ferments, and the plastic bottle becomes toxic. The best time to prepare a decoction is in the evening when you do not hurry anywhere.

Herb alcohol based infusion is made with alcohol; it is used in a more different way depending on the specific case.


Syrups I cure with are prepared with cold alcohol based infusion and I use the juice of the fruits of herbs. When I make combinations, I boil them only for 5 minutes, depending on the purpose. I boil them only to vacuum them without stabilizers or preservatives. The syrups must be kept in the fridge in an open bottle or with slightly flap cap.

If you have to cure an ulcer, weak immune system or you lack appetite, herbs should be taken before meals.

If your metabolism is out of order and you are overweight, I recommend the herbs to be taken after meals.

For people with diabetes the herb effect is better and quicker if decoctions and infusions are taken before meals.

With cancer patients my recommendation is according to the specific cases in my discretion.

For external use I prefer several products: lotions, ointments and poultices depending on what I have to cure – psoriasis, eczema or something more complicated like skin cancer, for example. The results are very good. Before treatment the skin should be well cleaned. It must be cleaned every time before applying the preparation so that the ointment is not left in layers.


Herb teas together with my combinations:


Herb teas sold in the pharmacies with 2 or 3 ingredients are harmless but if you take herbs for treatment, it would be better to consult a pharmacist-phitotherapist. Some remedies are not safe to be taken together like aloe and Digoxin, which is a cardiac glycoside. I never reject the combination of herbs and medicines as a therapy but I always say which herb is compatible with a medicine and which is not.

The result of herb treatment should be expected after two months. During the first month herbs are accumulated in the body and their effect starts during the second month. Their slower effect is compensated by the fact that they clean all the body of toxins and slag. You can see that even in the fresher and lighter tan of your face.

The most common mistakes we make when we start using herbs

The main mistake is the delay. Instead of looking for a suitable herb treatment which would help the main therapy in the beginning of the disease, patients decide to look for herb therapy when the official medicine has given up treatment and doctors declare they cannot do anything more.

Another mistake is impatience. Patients often buy packets with herb mixes and after they use them for several days, they give up treatment as there is no immediate effect. They do not realize that the diseases have developed for years before the symptoms are obvious and they cannot disappear in a day or two.

There are people whose enthusiasm gets to only taking the herbs home. They leave them in the wardrobe and after some time they throw them out.

Most important for the successful treatment is to strictly observe the dose and prescriptions, to have perseverance and faith that herbs will help. I always recommend to my patients to keep to their diet, connected with their disease and to lead normal life without stress and anger. I do my best and if the patients are strict, the results will be excellent.

Years ago only doctors could prescribe herbs and the prescriptions were made in herb pharmacies. Herb treatment was forbidden and healers were prosecuted by the authorities and the law, remembers Tzonka Daskalova. After the democratic changes in 1989 the attitude to healers and herbs was changed but a lot of people still think herb treatment is not effective because of the negative attitude to herb treatment during socialism.

Tzonka says, “Although I have the right to prescribe herb treatment without a doctor’s diagnosis, I prefer the patients to come to me with all their tests and diagnosis. If I think that the diagnosis is wrong, I offer to see the doctor who put the diagnosis and try to specify the treatment. I never advise the patients not to take the medicines prescribed by doctors and I try to help official therapy with my treatment“.



Take one tea spoonful of ginkgo biloba and one table spoonful of goose grass (Polygonum aviculare), melissa (Melissa officinalis) and mint (Menta piperita).  Put them to boil in 500 ml of water мл for 10 minutes. Filter the decoction and drink as a warm tea with honey and lemon.

Rosehips tea (Rosa canina) is useful and refreshing in the summer heat, too.


Put one table spoonful of hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), calendula (Calendula officinalis) and horsetail (Equisetum arvense) each in 400 ml of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Leave the decoction in the water for 30 minutes; filter and drink it during the day. Drink it for two months.

Make a compress of calendula (Calendula officinalis) and horsetail (Equisetum arvense) crushed to pulp, and poultices with chestnut.


Put one table spoonful of plantago (Plantago maior), dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), and chamomile (Chamaemelum trichophulum) each in 400 ml boiling water and boil them for 10 minutes. Leave the decoction for 30 minutes and drink it in the evening.


Mix 50 g of rosehip (Rosa canina), blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) and service tree (Sorbus domestica) each. Put two table spoonfuls of this mix in 800 ml boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. Leave the decoction for 30 minutes and filter. Drink it during the day.



In order to strengthen your immune system, eat a salad and/or a decoction of dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) and nettle (Urtica dioica). Drink syrup of bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus), blackberries (Rubus Rosales), and service tree (Sorbus domestica).


YOU CAN EAT MEAT AND MILK PORDUCTS SUCH ASgoat milk, goat cheese, goat meat, chicken, fish, rabbit, potatoes, okra, beans, soy, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red and pink colerape, tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, carrots, and beetroot.

YOU CAN EAT FRUIT with red, yellow and orange color, artichoke, water melon, melon, cherries, morello cherries, mulberries, yellow pears, black berries, and service tree.

YOU SHOULD EAT NUTSwalnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds.

YOU SHOULD NOT EAT: pork, mutton, and veal, salami, fat, cans, green fruit, kiwi, green apples, prunes, grapes, cucumbers, green peppers, eggplants, strawberries and peanuts.

Alcohol is forbidden in any form!





Mrs. Tzonka Daskalova is among the best known healers in Bulgaria. She has dedicated herself to the cause to help people. Patients who visit her for the first time are amazed at her exceptional abilities to see the ailing place and to put the right diagnosis. She has cured a lot of people who the official medicine could not help. The cured people are very grateful to her and say that she made a miracle with them. Here are two stories of cured people:


  1. Dimitar Peev from the city of Sofia; he works at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

“For long years I had colitis. The medicines from the pharmacy could not help me. A colleague of mine who is a pharmacist, too, told me about Mrs. Daskalova. I went to her with some skepticism. To my greatest surprise she put a very exact diagnosis without knowing anything about me or my ailment, and didn’t know that I am a pharmacist myself. I realized that she is very qualified and knows exactly which herb can influence the disease, in what dosage and what kind of diet should be observed. I took the herb mix which she prescribed to me and observed her instructions very strictly. After the second month I had no more problems with colitis. For ten years I haven’t had any complaints and I got rid of my colitis.

I met Mrs. Daskalova on many occasions connected with other patients. We discuss the Bulgarian flora, and what plants are with a high content of active substances, I have consulted her where to gather her herbs so that they don’t contain heavy metals and other harmful substances. I recommended her to my friends and colleagues and they all have received help from her. Mrs. Daskalova is not mercantile; she doesn’t work for profit.

I use another of her preparations: an ointment on herb basis for pains in the joints and in cases of articular rheumatism. Some time ago I broke my right ankle and this ointment helped to cure my ankle without putting it in plaster, it was only with a bandage. It took me more time to recover but my ankle is quite well now. I still keep Mrs. Daskalova’s herb ointment; I use it because I have rheumatoid changes in my joints. This ointment is with universal use; it helps with headaches, too, and relieves and stops rheum when you put some of it on your face around the nose. I don’t believe in panacea but this ointment has a very wide effect. Thanks to it I don’t sneeze, I don’t have a running nose and I have no colds.

I know about a very serious case from Mrs. Daskalova’s practice. It was an early diagnosed cancer of the colon. It was cured with the help of herb mixes and substrata. The man recovered though after the operation the doctors were not optimistic about him. Now, after three years, he is healthy and works.

Mrs. Daskalova has very good herb syrup to strengthen the immune system. I know people who buy from this syrup in the fall and during the winter they and their children are healthy – no flu, no colds. My daughter takes it, too.

Mrs. Tzonka Daskalova is full of the noble desire to help people. She keeps on learning new things about herbs, reads a lot of books on the subject and is quite qualified to manage any problem with diseases and ailments by making the right herb mixes and combinations.
In science there is a concept about the synergic effect: two elements may have some effect separately but when you combine them, you don’t get two effects; the effect can be two or three times bigger because the two elements can complement each other and can have a stronger effect together. Mrs. Daskalova possesses the knowledge of the synergic effect and applies it successfully. ”

  1. Plamen Garbuzanov from Sofia:

“I was cured of cancer. 2005 was a very heavy year for me. I was fifty; I had retired from the Ministry of the Interior and was working in a pharmaceutical company. For six months I had a swelling on my gum but it didn’t hurt so I didn’t go to a doctor. When I went to a dentist for my teeth, he told me I had a cyst and recommended me to operate it. Biopsy showed tumor cells and I had to have an urgent surgery. The tumor cells were cleaned but after the second biopsy the result was fiver-differentiated carcinoma. Cancer! The doctors were silent and concerned, and I was scared. That’s it, I said to myself, that’s the end.

But fate smiled to me. I saw an article about Tzonka Daskalova and her herb treatment. As if God showed me the article. I went to Mrs Daskalova and gave her my history. She asked me about my disease and gave me several packages of herbs and syrup to strengthen my immune system. After two months I went to be scanned and there was nothing left of the cancer! I had no cancer without any chemotherapy! I was cured thanks to God, the surgeons and Mrs. Daskalova’s herbs. The herbs lowered my blood pressure, my pulse and hemorrhoids. Now I have only a little sand from my operated kidneys from time to time, with no pain and kidney attacks. Herbs which I drink are not specifically for these diseases but they have a general favorable effect. I have a good appetite, and I feel life is coming back to me. After taking Mrs. Daskalova’s herbs for seven months I feel healthy and strong and plan to go to see my son who is in Spain. I will continue taking them and will continue visiting Mrs. Daskalova. Whenever I hear somebody complain of something serious, I send them to her and feel satisfied that I can help.

The miracle which Mrs. Daskalova made for me and for many other people is due to her long practice, her knowledge about herbs and herb combinations and to the fact that she uses only Bulgarian herbs. She does not reject official medicine and always consults the doctors of her patients.

In my opinion we should turn to herbs and should try to avoid expensive medicines and imported additives as much as possible.

Thanks a lot to Mrs. Daskalova. She was sent to the Earth by God to help people.