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Story told by Vasil Kaltchev from Targovishte

I met Baba Vanga in 1960. She was staying at her house in the Rupite region when I came for a treatment at the nearby village of Marikostinovo. During my stay at the village I met many local people, that were telling me all sorts of amazing stories about their experience with this great prophetess. Here one that grabbed my attention.

During the busiest times of the year for the agricultural industry of the Petrich province, a lot of the people from the nearby villages were flocking at Baba Vanga’s house for her invaluable advices. Since there was a shortage of people, as the work on the fields was growing by the days, the local police decided to banish Baba Vanga out of the Petrich province and send her to the interior of the contry. The chief inspector of the police department in Petrich called one of his police officers to go and arrest Baba Vanga, and explain to her the Government order for her banishment from this region

The officer headed out to Baba Vanga’s house, entered inside and stood infront of her. Even before he spoke a single word, Baba Vanga told him: “I know why you are here. I will come with you, but before we go, run fast to your home, because you child fell down in your well. Go and save him while he is still alive, and then come back to arrest me.

The officer was listening with a terrifying look to what Baba Vanga just said, and without any hesitation, he ran off to his home as fast as he could. When he arrived at his house, he met his wife outside the house, looking anxiously for their child.

“I lost the child, I can’t find it anywhere” – his wife said.

The officer quickly responded: “He fell down in our well, let’s go quickly”. They reached the dry well, which had dry branches, weeds, and straw. Indeed the child was on top of the branches – he only was frightened and with slight bruises and cuts. The officer quickly brought a ladder, and took out his child. With tears of joy, the mother started to hug and kiss her child.

“Who told you that our son is there” – she asked with a wondering voice.

“Baba Vanga did” – said the officer. “I went to her house so I arrest her, as we received an order from above that Baba Vanga has to be banished from our area, and sent into the interior of the country”.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

Then the officer went back to the police department to talk to his superior.

“Where is Baba Vanga – did you bring her over?” – said the chief inspector.

“No I did not” – said the officer. “I can’t do it, even if this costs my job, I just couldn’t do it. What she did for me today, my heart does not allow me to arrest her”.

Then the officer told his superior the whole story.

The chief inspector nodded his head with approval.

“Well it is obvious that this woman is helping the locals. She does not deserve to be banished anywhere. Although she is blind, she apparently sees better than us. Let’s keep her here – I will try to persuade the higher instance for my decision”.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

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Zheni Kostadinova graduated Philosophy at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She has worked as an editor at the student TV show “Ku-Ku”, and as a reporter at the National Radio “Horizon”. For over 15 years she is a columnist at “Weekly Trud” newspaper writing about esoteric and psychology. In the same newspaper she is maintaining a page on literature. Zheni Kostadinova is the author of some of the most popular books written on Baba Vanga including “Baba Vanga The Prophetess”, “Baba Vanga Predictions”, “The Secret of Baba Vanga”. Her first book was translated into Russian, Polish, Latvian, Serbian, and Albanian. Zheni is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers. She had published three books of poetry: “Fire Sticks (2002), “17 love colors” (2007), and “Fig Jam” (2008). In 2012 Zheni has founded the art-house “Kuklite”. It is a doll gallery and a mini-museum located in the old downtown of Sofia.  The gallery exhibits different dolls placed in specific categories. Besides the exhibitions, the art-house “Kuklite” also have the priority to work with children from the local schools, so they learn more about the traditions and customs of the different nations. The main idea is to transform the art-house “Kuklite” into a centre for cultural exchange, creative collaboration between representatives of different fields of art, science and philosophy. The art-house will hold meetings with interesting personalities, and will be a place of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, premieres of books and documentary movies, puppetry, and many other great events. The art-house “Kuklite” will also be a place where collectors can display their favourite artefacts and can share the history associated with them.

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