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Over the years after 1989 I visited Baba Vanga over 10 times. I also took many friends of mine to see her – whoever was sick, whoever had an interest to ask questions for the future. I personally didn’t want her to predict my future, but sometimes she did tell me some stories that already happened and other that did not – for which the time hasn’t come yet.

One of the interesting stories was when my brother Igor went to see Baba Vanga in 1989 – the year when I had a surgery on my leg. She welcomed him with the words:

– Igor how is your brother doing (ie myself)? Did they make a surgery on his leg? Or is it the knee?

My brother was literary astounded and speechless. Nobody knew about my surgery.

– Tell him not to worry. If he has to do another surgery tell him to go to Vienna and not Berlin!

My brother couldn’t believe his ears – only 3 people knew that I was going to have my surgery abroad. Then she goes on to ask him:

– That car outside – is it yours?

– Yes – my brother said.

– Be very careful with it – make sure you fix your breaks!

My brother took the car to the closest auto repair shop – and indeed it turned out that the breaks were very close to stop working completely!

Baba Vanga started her official work thanks to my grandfather – she reminded that every time I met her. As far as I know my grandfather arranged the meeting between Baba Vanga and Todor Zhivkov (the communist leader of communist Bulgaria). Namely at this meeting Zhivkov was convinced that Baba Vanga knows things that happened to people in real. At the very beginning Zhivkov himself was pretty skeptical about her clairvoyance skills, but later on he was feeling sorry that they didn’t spend more time examining the real phenomenon of Baba Vanga.

I remember some of my visits to Baba Vanga very well. Over the years I have always found strength and energy through her to move forward in life. Baba Vanga has always supported me and I am deeply grateful for all of the encouragement and good words that she have told me. Considering that a lot of people these days are desperate, envious, and ferocious because of their misery – Baba Vanga was an oasis in the desert with her warmth and kindness. On May 1st 1991 myself, my brother Igor and a friends of ours – Svetlana, went to visit Baba Vanga. It was a very nice conversation with a lot of jokes and laughs. Everything that Baba Vanga told about Svetlana did come true with extreme accuracy. Svetlana was truly perplexed. Then I did follow up with Svetlana every once and a while and indeed everything was happening the way Baba Vanga did predict it. During this meeting with Baba Vanga I asked her if she wants to touch the clock of my passed grandfather so she can establish a contact with him. She just laughed and said: “I don’t need to touch anything. Your grandfather together with your father are here with us in this room.” And then we talked for quite some time about the great memories we had in the past.

Todor Zhivko did state that there was some information that the Yugoslavian secret services had plans to kidnap Baba Vanga and to settle her in her home town of Strumica – Macedonia (former Yugoslavic Republic). That is why the communistic regime did not allow Baba Vanga to leave the country.

Baba Vanga also visited the country house of my grandfather in the town of Bankya. I remember most of my conversations with her, and can confirm that she had a phenomenal memory. She was such a down to earth person, such a lively woman. She often said that life is very short and after it ends the eternity follows!

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