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Visitor Dialogue With Baba Vanga

Dialogue between Baba Vanga and a Bulgarian woman that live in Sweden

Anonymous:  I’ve heard so much about you Baba Vanga, and now I am so happy that finally I have the chance to meet with you.

Baba Vanga: Why there are three men that think about you and want you? Are you married?

A: I divorced one man, and now I live with another

Baba Vanga: Why did you leave him, he was good for you. Was he an engineer?

A: Yes! He was engineer – chemist.

Baba Vanga: Where is he now?

A: He is in Iran. He represents a big company. He is very rich.

V: He also has 2 kids. Are they from previous marriage?

A: Yes. They are now grown. I had no problem with them.

V: But there is another woman with him now.

A: Yes, but I don’t know if they are married.

V: Why did you leave him? He was a good match for you

A: There was huge age difference, and we were often separated as he had to travel and I felt alone.

V: No matter what you do, up until your 40ies you will have a third man and then to the rest of your life you will be alone. Go figure. As long as they met you they fell for you. What is your current man doing? He writes sometimes, also draws, right?

A: Yes. He loves to draw and collects a lot of pictures. He writes, he is a journalist. But I have problems with him. He claims to love me, but we don’t see each other often.

V: He is sick, that is why he does not call you. If he gets treatment he will get slightly better, but then he will relapse. He won’t get healthy.

A: How can I help him?

V: You can’t, but after 2-3 years you will leave him despite how much you care about him, because you are young. This man may be good, but your first husband was more suitable for you, I regret that you left him. But the one you live with now, also have a kid, is it from former marriage?

A: Yes, he divorced long time ago, but the child is not with him. The mother of this man really wants us to be together

V: Why don’t you adopt a child?

A: I have not decided yet.

V: You had a surgery right?

A: Yes,

V: on the uterus?

A: Yes Exactly. I was so scared!

V: It is not cancer.

A: Yes, the doctors confirmed that it is not.

V: What is your occupation? You also draw right? Sometimes on canvas?

A I am designer for one fashion magazine. I design clothes, make pictures, instruct what should be where.

V: But why do you live in another house?

A: I live in the house of my fiancé.

V: But now in your house there is a young woman living, why did you allow it?

A: She is the niece of my ex-husband, she had nowhere to live.

V: Why did you design the house like that? It looks like a barn.

A: Yes, I removed a wall and as a result I had one big room.

V: Well it looks just like a barn, but its ok. Whatever you do, do not give the house to anybody, and start saving aside for “rainy days”. This fiancé of yours you will leave. Is your job well paid?

A: Sometimes I make a lot, sometimes not that much. Currently I am a freelancer.

V: Are you smoking a lot of cigarettes?

A: Not so many.

V: You lie. You smoke a lot. Cut smoking. You will develop major problems with your throat and lungs. Don’t wear high heal, you have warts on your feet.

A: Yes. I have warts on both my feet.

V: More affected is the left one.

A: Yes. Shall I go to surgery about it?

V: Yes. Where are your parents? Why your mother lies like that.

A: She passed away.

V: Your father also lies. There he is!

A: He is also dead

V: Who’s Maria? She is your mother. What did she die off? Pus nephritis. Her Kidneys failed.

A: Yes.

V: Your father is asking about the younger child. Is this you?

A: Yes it’s me

V: Who raised you?

A: My dad, and I loved him very much.

V: And the other child?

A: She is my half- sister, from previous marriage of my mom.

V: Do you keep in touch with her?

A: Not that much

V: Why?

A: I feel she behaves too selfish.

V: She is not selfish. Her life tuned into a direction she didn’t want.

A: I want to ask you if my current work project in Bulgaria will be successful.

V: it will be very difficult. You will have to connect with higher society people. Why do you need this job?

A: I want to work together with one fashion magazine. I bring various materials and samples

V: And you think that completing a job for a Bulgarian company will bring you “Thank you”? Never! But you keep your house and start saving. Don’t leave Switzerland no matter where you go. Do you want to go to USA or Italy?

A: Yes I want to go there.

V: But Why, for a vacation or on a business?

A: More likely something to do with my work.

V: Again I am telling you. You do what you do, but don’t leave the country, that is your fate. And you will live with a third man.

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