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Story told by Vladimir Levi – psychologist


Vladimir Levi had visited Bulgaria in the 80-ties, to lecture and consult patients. One of his friends offered him to visit Baba Vanga, and he accepted the invitation. The night before the visit, he put sugar under his pillow. In the morning he took his sugar and a big bouquet of flowers given to him by a group of Bulgarian teachers, and went to see Baba Vanga. The bouquet stayed for a whole night at the room where Vladimir Levi slept.

Below is his short story.

Infront of me I saw one frail old woman, with an ordinary face. She had a head-cloth on her head. I could see her advanced cataract on her eyes. The way she was looking aside was typical for a blind person. She was very direct, even a bit sharp. Her moves were very unpredictable, abrupt, most probably driven by some internal impulses. Suddenly one young, loud, and good-singing voice came out of this shrivelled and exhausted-looking face, as if it was coming from above. At this very moment I felt an unusual lightness and an amazing calmness. I felt as if I was here my entire life, and don’t have a body – I could only feel my muscles stiff that I had from before. I put my sugar on Baba Vanga’s knees together with the bouquet. She ignored the sugar and started to touch the flowers, without saying a word. After a minute or so she said: “I see Elena and Maria – who are they?” Before I even say a word she answered herself: “These are your mother and your grandmother. Your deceased relatives came here through these flowers. Your mother is begging you to stop smoking, and to follow a stringent diet. Watch your stomach.” This is where Baba Vanga – this semi-literate woman from rural Bulgaria mentioned this medical term – “pancreas”.

Indeed Vladimir Levi had a chronic pancreatitis and he was told not to smoke – an indisputable fact that Baba Vanga told him the truth. Six months after Levi visited Baba Vanga, he had a severe neuralgia. His right side of his face was in great pain, which later turned out to be a decayed tooth. After the tooth extraction, his pain was gone. When he got back home from the dentist, he had received a letter from Bulgaria. It was from Baba Vanga. She was telling him that he needs to check up his teeth as soon as possible. Levi noticed the date and found out that the letter was travelling for 10 days.

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