Rewards of Our Choices

We Always Reap The Rewards of Our Choices

“By our willingness to give what we seek, we get what we need.” – Dimitar Hadjiyski

Born in 1933 in the Kyustendil village of Skrino, Dimitar Hadjiyski worked as a mathematics teacher all his life. His interest in the topics of spirituality and esoteric sciences was born when he lost his wife at the age of 50. Karmic astrology, karma and the conscious path of man are the main focus of his interests. In his book, “The Age of Aquarius: Reality – Evolution – Consciousness”, he shares his life experiences and inner convictions about man’s spiritual journey to achieve happiness and new heights of well-being.

Law of giving and receiving

Giving and receiving are interconnected. When we give love, we will receive love. When we don’t give love, we won’t get love. When we help others in need we will be helped when we are in need. Through our willingness to give what we seek, we get what we need. The more we give, the more we will receive. We cannot expect love where we sow hate.

Nothing in the universe is static. Our body is in constant energy exchange with the body of the universe. The universe gives us water, food, air in abundance. Therefore, we must also give her our gratitude and keep the nature around us unpolluted. All our relationships are built on giving and receiving. Harmony is created when giving and receiving are in balance. This is especially important for our partner relationships. By giving, we allow abundance to enter our lives – so every time we come into contact with someone, we should give them something. It doesn’t have to be material things. The strongest forms of giving are intangible: concern, attention, love, blessing, compliment, prayer, flower… According to this law, when giving and receiving are in balance we will always have harmonious relationships with our partners.

Law of Karma

According to this law, every action of ours generates a force that returns to us in a similar form. The biblical truth is: “Whatever you sow, that is what you will reap.” You cannot sow tares and expect to reap wheat. Karma is a consequence of our conscious choices. Every day, forced by circumstances, we make countless choices. Some choices consciously and some unconsciously, some choices are right and some wrong. We always reap the rewards of our choices. If the choices were right for us, we feel satisfied. Conversely, if our choices were wrong, we feel upset and suffer. The question is how do we make the right choices?

Signals of satisfaction or dissatisfaction indicate whether we have made the right choice. We understand this by listening to the voice of our soul – our intuition. When our actions do not harm anyone, we feel satisfied. We can always, through our right thoughts and actions, create positive karma, the fruits of which we can reap in subsequent incarnations.

Law of intention and desire

Everything in the universe is energy. We live in an ocean of energy. Our energy goes where our intention and desire is directed. Therefore, it is very important to know with what intention we set out to achieve some goal and to know what desire is behind it. If our intention is to serve and help others with love, if our intention is to improve ourselves, to become more enlightened and able, to live with truth and wisdom, when we need something the universe will send us the right people to help us . But if our intention is to take revenge on someone for some offense or serve others without love and desire, we feel oppressed. Hypocrisy takes the energy out of good intentions.

Focused attention activates whatever it is focused on. In nature, everything is interconnected. Our nervous system works by analogy with nature. Intention is the foundation of our dreams and desires. Behind desire lies the power of our intention. Thus, if the power of our intention is properly directed, we will obtain all that we desire. The power of this law is in the good intention.

Law of Least Effort

This law requires us to achieve greater satisfaction with less effort. The universe functions through its intelligence on the principle of non-resistance, the principle of love and harmony. When we live in harmony, in love, we feel fulfilled. We make the least effort when our actions are well thought out, when they are motivated by love. Nature relies on the energy of love. Conversely, we waste excess energy when we give it in to unreasonable desires. In order to enjoy happiness, we do not need to make unnecessary efforts, to spend unnecessary energy on unnecessary things.

This law requires us to accept people and circumstances as they are, to take responsibility for our situation. We don’t need to waste unnecessary energy to convince others of our rightness. When we don’t accept people as they are, when we blame others for our mistakes and suffering, when we judge, our lives meet resistance. Opposition and resentment drain energy from us. Only when we live in love will we make less effort and feel happy.


“The Age of Aquarius: Reality – Evolution – Consciousness”, Dimitar Hadjiyski