Achieve Happiness

We Can Achieve Happiness When We Make The Mind Go To The Heart and Stay There

“If the mind does not remain in the heart, it will run outside to pursue another goal. We can achieve happiness  if we don’t run after illusions, if we are realistic, if we live with the truth.” – Dimitar Hadzhiyski, “The Age of Aquarius: Reality – Evolution – Consciousness.”

Karma, spiritual path and spiritual development

Karma predetermines our spiritual journey. Philosophy, religion and ethics have their place in this path only when they are related to the practice and the higher laws of Being. Spiritual development is our primary goal and greatest achievement. The path we have chosen to walk requires us to fulfill our purpose in life in accordance with the Divine Will and the divine impulses: love, kindness, tranquility… This path requires us to awaken to beauty in all its forms. This means: that our every action, our every word, our every feeling and opinion be benevolent. There are many paths to spiritual development, but everyone must choose his own path and through his free will to become the creator of his own life. Our task is to reach God, to overcome the division between ourselves and God, to feel the unity in the world. The purpose of the spiritual journey is not only to bring us benefits in the next lives, but also to bring positive changes in our present life as well.

Self-knowledge is the main goal of our spiritual development. The best thing we can do is to get to know ourselves as well as possible. Lack of inspiration, strength and energy indicates a broken connection with the spiritual source. Our task is to develop strength and energy in the four centers of ourselves: body, mind, heart and spirit.

We can strengthen our body through proper food, exercise and sports. We can develop our emotions by respecting our feelings. We can strengthen our minds by striving for realism and objectivity. We can lift our spirit by connecting with our spiritual source – our God. As a result, we achieve a balance between thought, feeling, intellect and action, take full responsibility for ourselves and become more whole individuals.

We live in a transitional period, at the dawn of the New Age – Aquarius. We are subject to a combination of multiple influences. Our planet is going through an energetic shift – a process of Divine transformation. This energetic influence can lead to chaotic states, confusion, fear, doubt, and hazy experiences. Therefore, it is extremely important to be aware of these influences and to protect ourselves from energy blockages. Happily, under the influence of the high vibrations of Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, we can rise to a higher consciousness.

The spiritual journey is difficult. It is difficult because there are no vehicles for it, because we are subject to all kinds of temptations and trials. But the reward of a successful journey is great – love, joy, happiness, awareness. The spiritual path is characterized by simplicity, no special knowledge and rules are required. It’s about self-love and inner clarity. All that is necessary for our spiritual growth is found within us.

The most difficult moment on the path of spiritual development is meeting yourself. Through this meeting we discover the truth about ourselves. This difficult trial is wonderful because through this meeting we discover our delusions and misconceptions, our own and others’. We discover how the ego keeps us locked in the shell of its interests and goals. Most importantly, we stop the confusion and start living with the truth, freed from unclear thoughts and incorrect relationships.

Karma, joy and to achieve happiness

We come into this life to live joyfully and happily. Happiness is in harmony, in love. Harmony is love and love is harmony. Therefore, if we want to achieve happiness, we must first achieve harmony within ourselves. A person is happy when he tries to live as naturally as possible. There are four steps that lead to a harmonious life: breathing, thinking, actions and habits. Breathing is what gives birth to thoughts. Deep and proper breathing indicates that you have healthy lungs that produce prana. Prana gives us strength and energy. We think clearly and objectively when we breathe deeply and balanced. Our actions are right when we think clearly and correctly. We create positive habits when we repeat the right actions. When we build positive habits, our life circumstances become better and we find greater harmony in our lives. We feel joyful and happy.

Achieve Happiness

How to achieve happiness?

We will achieve happiness by balancing our material needs – the body’s needs for food, clothing, shelter… as well as our spiritual needs – love, peace, patience… by allowing love to enter us and ennoble our physical body. Happiness will come when we live in harmony with ourselves and the environment. This means creating harmonious relationships with loved ones and acquaintances, living in harmony with the laws that govern the universe. Man is a miniature universe and obeys the laws that govern it.

Where is happiness found?

Happiness is within us. It is a function of the soul, mind and heart. It comes when one achieves inner freedom, a liberated consciousness and a heart open to love. We will reach personal happiness after discovering our personal mission and purpose in life. We will achieve happiness when we make the mind go to the heart and make it stay there. If the mind does not remain in the heart, it will run outside to pursue another goal. Imbalance in the mind can be corrected through understanding. We will be happy if we do not run after illusions, if we are realistic, if we live with the truth. Otherwise, happiness will turn its back on us and become unhappiness.

Our lives move in a predetermined direction from the karma we have created in the past. But we can change that direction if we don’t like it, through the choices we make with love. Then everything we do on a physical level – sex, money, work, friendship… will go well. But if we resist our natural flow of energy, things will not work out on a physical level. We and the soul are one. When we are one with our soul, everything we touch will bring us joy.

From: “The Age of Aquarius: Reality – Evolution – Consciousness”, Dimitar Hadjiyski, Sofia, 2012.