We Choose Our Life Before We Are Born

We Choose Our Life Before We Are Born

How souls choose their families and friends before birth

Our souls encounter this world again and again. As this happens, we grow and change. Old soul’s contracts are outgrown while at the same time making new ones as we move on. That’s the way it is…

Souls are born in many different bodies through many different lives. Sometimes we have the same parents as in a previous life, and other times we don’t. Who will be in our lives is something we determine when we connect with source before coming back here again. We don’t remember making such decisions or choosing these people, but it was us who did.

While in the realms of the source we choose our life before we are born. We choose what lessons to learn, what life we ​​want to live, and everything related to the next existence. We exist in clusters with parents, friends and partners who will accompany us in the new rebirth. If you have lived a lifetime with a soul mate, you may agree with them to be together again in the next lifetime. You may prefer to switch roles or enter new configurations. There is no limit to the intentions of souls and their desires in the new being.

Your soul negotiates with the rest of the cluster the times it will live in, the date and place of birth, the family you will be born into, and any event (significant or not) that will happen to you until the earthly death of the body. Everything is destined to happen before it is even thought of, while you are alive. You don’t remember the decisions you made while you were in your spirit dimension, but they are the ones that define and direct your life to the path you have modeled.

However, remember that you have free will and can make changes to what is happening at any time and as you see fit. Destiny, as we call it here on Earth, exists, but it is not immutable. Our soul contracts are deals we have made with ourselves and others in the cluster, they are designed to help us grow to a higher state of consciousness, to a deeper enlightenment.

If you feel like you are meeting the right person at the right time, it is most likely that a part of the soul contract is being fulfilled. It can be confusing when you begin to notice the ways in which a soul mate’s life intertwines with yours. But with time you will begin to realize the meaning and significance of what is happening. We tend to incarnate here on this planet around the same cluster of souls over and over again. You will know your soul family when you find soul mates, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the family you’ve been given this time on the physical level.

This world is a mysterious place, but nothing happens without a reason. It is comforting to realize that here and now you are fulfilling what your spirit itself willed. Learn the lessons that are constantly emerging in front of you and develop yourself all-round in every possible way. Let your soul be proud of itself.