What is Astral Projection

What is Astral Projection and How to Achieve it in 7 Steps

During the Out-of-Body Experience the astral body becomes a ball of energy directed towards higher dimensions


For years, thousands of people have reported having an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) and being in a state of astral projection. However, the scientific community remains skeptical of this phenomenon to this day.

What is OBE and what is astral projection?

You have probably heard more than once about the phenomenon Out of body experience, abbreviated – OBE. At least you’ve seen a movie where, in a serious accident, the patient is lying in a critical condition in his hospital bed, and then a part of him leaves his body and begins to observe from the side the doctors in the room, his own body and what is happening to him.

In other words, this part separated from the physical body of man forms the so-called astral projection and represents our own consciousness that has escaped from our physical body. It should not be confused with the soul or spirit of man. These are essentially quite separate parts of our being.

According to occult beliefs, man has many bodies besides his physical one. Closest to it is the etheric body, then the astral and mental bodies, and further are the subtler ones. During the OBE, the astral body of the person is most often separated. In the first minutes it copies the form of the earth body, then it becomes a ball of energy directed to higher dimensions and levels of higher vibration to gain valuable experience.

According to esoteric beliefs, the subtle body is an invariable part of the essence of each of us. It is this body that does the astral projection during Out-of-Body experiences. Astral projection has many other names. It is called astral body, subtle body, energy body, Buddhist body, Taoist diamond body, Egyptian ka, tantric subtle body, bliss body, etc.

OBEs can be intentional or unintentional, occurring on their own – without expecting or initiating them on purpose. Experiences of the second type are common in NDE cases, and were witnessed by thousands of people who were on the border of life and death. People most often say that they were floating in the air above their own body and watched from the side what was happening to them and what the medical personnel were doing in their attempts to save their lives.

According to many, all people have regular OBEs during sleep, which they are not aware of and do not remember afterwards. They claim that when we sleep our subtle body can leave our physical body and go to a different place than where we are at the moment, and the body is visiting higher dimensions and realities far from our three dimensional world.

In addition, during and OBE – between our physical body and its astral projection, there is an ethereal silver thread that connects them. Tantrics, on the other hand, use intentional OBE to overcome the fear of death and learn to believe that WE are not our physical bodies.

They also claim that healing of the physical body during an Out-of-Body Experience is possible.

Scientific circles and neurologists most often say that the phenomenon of astral projection and the stories of patients who have experienced such a thing is nothing more than confusion in the brain – brain dysfunction. But science for a long time ceased to be accepted as a last resort by many. People believe in many different phenomenon that scientists have no explanation for or deny.

Methods of entering OBE

There are dozens of methods for training the mind and entering the OBE. One basic approach is to keep the mind awake while the body falls asleep. This task is by no means easy because the mind wants to do the same thing as the physical body. So yes, it’s hard, but not impossible. The goal is to bring the body into deep rest without falling asleep. A very good method to achieve this is through Yoga Nidra. Once the body enters a state of sleep, the practitioner’s consciousness can emerge from our shell and separate from the body in what is known as astral projection.

Bob Monroe, founder of a leading research organization in the field of human consciousness called the Monroe Institute, in 1971 published his work called “Journeys Out Of The Body”. In it, the author describes in detail what astral projection is and offers 7 steps for the realization of this phenomenon.

Step 1: Relax, both physically and mentally;

Step 2: Enter a hypnoagogic state or semi-sleep;

Step 3: Deepen the state by prioritizing the mental sensation over the physical;

Step 4: Pay attention to the presence of vibration in your environment and focus your attention deeply on it;

Step 5: Bring the vibration into your physical body and relax in its presence. The purpose of this is to slightly withdraw the subtle body from the physical;

Step 6: Focus your thoughts on leaving the limbs and torso and try to realize it step by step;

Step 7: The last step is known as “ascending” – focus on flowing smoothly out of your physical body.

This technique is just one of many available for leaving the body and performing astral projection. Remember that it takes a lot of practice and a strong belief in the process to make this happen.