Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression How it Helps to Eliminate Fears, Phobias, Guilt

Many people believe that we are reincarnated over and over again to grow and learn from our many lives on earth. The basic paradigm of this belief is that our souls choose different challenges to face and resolve conflicts in each of our incarnations. These challenges help us grow spiritually from the experience on Earth. We have the opportunity to learn in eternity, because each time, in each reincarnation, the picture is different – we gain experience as born in wealth and luxury, as poor, healthy or seriously ill. For those who believe in reincarnation or those who are simply curious to learn what regression is, these will be explained by Eli Blilioos – founder of the Hypnosis Center in New York. Here’s what she shares about “penetrating” previous lives and how deep we can go in knowing our soul through past life regressions.

What is past life regression

A qualified regression expert helps clients recall and experience past life memories. He uses some of the methods of hypnosis for this purpose, because this is the only way to penetrate the unconscious, in this part of our consciousness where all memories are stored. These include early childhood experiences, memories from the mother’s womb before birth, past life experiences, and afterlife memories. Clients are awake and aware of their surroundings, but may also have memories from before the birth.

Descent into the depths of being

Everyone experiences their past life regression differently. Some clients are more visual, while others tend to feel the experience on a deep level. It is not unusual for a client to become cold and then find themselves in their mind’s eye in a scene and location where it is really cold. People may experience the sadness, excitement, or fear associated with a memory from the past. In some cases, they feel the pain of an old war wound during past life therapy.

Déjà vu

Many of us have experienced Deja vu. We feel comfortable around people we’ve never met or in places we’ve never been. Regression helps us understand why we sometimes make instant contact with a stranger whom we feel we have known all our lives. Very often this is a person who played an important role in one of our previous lives, or in several of them. And maybe in all of them?

Repeatability for  lesson purposes

Very often the client recognizes in their visions a family member or friend from a past life as someone they know now. Sometimes difficult relationships in our current lives stem from a previous life experience where that person wronged us in some way. Once we understand the source of the conflict, we can let it go and develop a healthier relationship with that same person in our current life.

It can also be very helpful to identify someone you have lingering guilt about betraying. Past life regression brings comfort in this case, because we learn that we can continue to meet people in other lives who we cared for but passed away, so we can correct our mistakes.

Fears and phobias can disappear

Whatever memories show up during the session, they relate in some way directly to the client’s current life. Phobias and fears can very often be rooted in previous life experiences. Falling off a cliff in a past life can trigger a fear of heights in the present. A qualified Regression Practitioner can reframe the event and help the client release the fear.

In some cases, the loss of a child or spouse in a past life can cause that person to become overprotective in this life. Once it is clear where this fear of loss comes from, the need for overprotection can be released.

As someone who has facilitated hundreds of regressions, I have witnessed the release of various fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, loneliness, insomnia and unhealthy relationship patterns. I have also seen clients identify and “unlock” past life talents such as artistry, musicality and carpentry. After regression, it was easy for them to learn these skills in their current life.

Although the benefits of past life regression don’t have to be earth-shattering and dramatic, the mere awareness or affirmation of some level of life beyond the familiar can be reassuring and comforting.