State of Mind

What is The Importance of Your State of Mind During Treatment

State of mind


It is very important for the injured people, especially those with problems with nerves, to be calm and encouraged so that they achieve piece of mind and balance. Mental unrest can be the reason for many illnesses and diseases. There are reasons for such unrest very often in life, especially for people with unstable nervous system. Therefore, we should try to avoid anger, annoyance, vexation, irritation, etc., and to try to see the good things in life.

Dreams and daydreams

You are healthier, happier, fresher and more optimistic if you dream about nice things. Try to do that for sixty seconds and your body and psyche will feel peaceful and relaxed. Dream as much as possible but dream in a reasonable way, dream about power, health and success. Dreams will help your good mood and mental balance.  Dreams will help your health.

Faith and its power


Faith is the seed of every miracle. Faith in the good and in beauty will give you power and will help you. If you are sad and gloomy, you attract unhappiness. If you believe in the good, if you know what you want, if you think that you can, you will be successful, you will get what you want. If you say you cannot, you close the door to success and to possibility.

Cheerfulness and good mood


According to traditional medicine the most important preconditions to recover from a serious disease are vivacity of spirit, unconditional will and confidence in recovery. Therefore, all sick people should be recommended to be cheerful and in good mood. In the Middle Ages this theory was popular with the Bogomils and with Boyan the Magician.

Boyan the Magician was a Bulgarian prince. He was a reformer. He is believed to be the originator of the Bogomil movement called after the name of Priest Bogomil (in Bulgarian Bofomil means “a person who is dear to God”). The Bogomils were against Byzantium and feudalism. They taught that the good mood influences people in the same way like the Sun influence plants. Joy has a beneficial effect on healthy people. Its role for them is like ozone for nature. When you are in a good mood, you breathe better and you endure hard labor easier. Joy doubles your energy for work. If you want to be successful, you have to master la joie de vivre (the joy to live).



If you look at things from the bad side, bad mood influences your health in a very unpleasant way. Most of nervous diseases are due to bad mood. You should always try to be cheerful. Cheerfulness is a cure. Laugh as much as possible. Laughter develops the chest, make blood move faster and increases your forces.