Spiritual Guides

Who Are Our Invisible Spiritual Guides Who Watch Over Us and Appear at the Right Moment

They watch over us and appear at the right moment to help us in a difficult situation

Many people testify that in various situations they felt some invisible presence that took care of them and helped them in a difficult moment. We most often associate this with guardian angels, but our spirit guides can also be other beings.

Maybe you’ve done or said something strange that you don’t know why or how it happened, and it turned out that it was the best course of action for the situation that followed. Have you ever felt like someone else was speaking or acting for you? It is with such circumstances that the intervention of our spiritual guides in our lives is most often associated. But who are they?

The spirit guides who watch over us are various advanced beings who appear at the right moment to guide us or help us in a difficult situation. Each person has not one, but many spiritual guides who are around him throughout his life.

Spiritual guides can be tentatively divided into several categories. Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Enlightened Beings, Ancestors, Spirit Animals, Specific Spiritual Energies and even something on Earth such as a tree, mountain or body of water through which our Spirit Guides communicate with us.

Anything that is charged and carries some kind of energy, can transmit messages and guidance coming from the astral world.

By the term spiritual guides is always meant the positive presence of one of these spirits who intervenes in our life in order to preserve it, to improve it or to convey to us some valuable lesson that our soul has come to learn in the corresponding reincarnation on Earth – here and now. We will list some of the main spiritual guides in people’s lives and their mission related to us.


In the heavenly kingdom and the world of angels, the chief among them are called Archangels. They are said to be a manifestation of pure Love and are often ambassadors between the higher dimension and earthly life. The most important among them are as follows:

Archangel Ariel – he is the protector of nature and is our direct connection to the Earth.

Archangel Chamuel – also called the Archangel of Love. He inculcates in people Love for themselves and Love for other living beings.

Archangel Gabriel – he is the messenger of God who helps us receive clear signs and messages from the angelic world.

Archangel Michael – the leader of all heavenly angels and archangels. He is a protector of people and always appears in a difficult situation for us to solve the problem in the best possible way.

Archangel Raphael – The Healer. He can be called upon at any time when we are plagued by physical or emotional trauma to help and heal us.

Archangel Uriel – The Transformer. He brings the Truth, Light and Wisdom to lead us to a proper and long-awaited beneficial transformation.

Archangel Zadkiel – The Forgiver who brings us the power of compassion and forgiveness.


Spiritual guides from the angelic hierarchy can be called an angel. There are ordinary angels and guardian angels who watch over us. It is believed that at birth, each person gets a more special angel – Guardian, who is with him throughout his life. But besides him, everyone can connect with all the other angels and archangels.


Astral Guides are the spirits of highly enlightened beings who can send us messages and guide us throughout our lives to guide our soul towards growth and make us better people.


It is believed that the spirit of these Goddesses guides people’s lives and helps them in times of crisis. Among the most revered and famous in the world are the following goddesses:

Amaterasu – the Japanese goddess of the Sun;

Durga – the Hindu divine mother;

Fortuna – the Roman goddess of luck;

Freya – the Scandinavian goddess of fertility, sexual energy, abundance and war;

Gaia – the Greek primordial earth mother;

Isis – the Egyptian mother goddess and mistress of nature, magic and creativity;

Kuan Yin – the Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion;

Pele – the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, both destroyer and creator;

Sedna – the Inuit goddess of the sea and queen of the underworld;

Shekinah – the Jewish goddess of compassion.


These are highly enlightened spiritual guides who existed on Earth as various gurus, teachers, spiritual leaders. They cater to our spiritual growth and raising our life vibration.

Their primary purpose is our enlightenment. Ascended guides (their spirits) are always there when we have a particular problem or need guidance in a difficult situation. There are many such Ascended Masters. Such teachers include: Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Confucius, Buddha, Babaji, Melchizedek, Beinsa Deuno, and many others. etc.


The energies of these spiritual guides also have their projection in the astral world. They can connect with people and help them along the way. They can be called upon and asked for help. These Spirit Guides are said to carry the knowledge of the ancients. They send messages, sometimes through dreams, to impart their knowledge and experience to humans. The goal, of course, is to help us grow and make the world more aware, meaningful, knowing.


The spirits of the ancestors of all people, are genetically related to earthly beings. They act as guardians and protectors. Their main mission is to rethink the past and lead people in the direction of improving the future.


Any spirit of a deceased loved one can become our spiritual guides. He can support and guide us in life, whether we feel and realize it or not.

We may not know exactly who cares for us, but we can still feel this invisible presence strongly.


The animal spirits and elementary spirits we mentioned above including flowers, trees, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, etc. can also be a powerful conduit to our Spirit Guides. Through them we can receive deep messages that will lead our life and its development forward.

We can feel and understand these messages by connecting with the vibration of the corresponding objects or animals.


The author of “Angel Answers” claims that anyone can relate to them

Everyone has their own guardian angel, so as you, who is sent to help you. Even if you don’t realize it, you can feel the angelic presence. There may be many angels around you who could answer your questions, but it will be easier for you to get answers from your closest guardian angel. Diana Cooper, author of “Angel Answers”, is convinced of this because of her own experience with the warriors of Light. She offers some simple exercises for connecting with the spirit world and receiving information in an irrational way. According to Cooper, anyone can contact the angels for personal or cosmic answers.

Here are a few ways you could try it for yourself. If in communication you do not feel love and peace, it is not an angel of Light, because the angel of Light always surrounds you in peace and gives you a kind answer. In this case, imagine that you are cloaked in a blue protective cloak, open your eyes and disconnect.

How to contact your spiritual guides

  1. Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  2. If possible, light a candle and dedicate it to the relationship with your angel.
  3. Breathe calmly. As you breathe in, focus on love, and as you breathe out, focus on peace.
  4. When you feel calm and relaxed, breathe in love and mentally breathe out the golden colored air as you wrap yourself in a golden cocoon.
  5. Visualize, feel or think that your guardian angel is in front of you. You may feel a touch or a scent of perfume – or nothing at all. Believe that your angel is nearby, attracted by your thoughts of him.
  6. Clearly formulate your question to your angel.
  7. Sit quietly for a few minutes, focusing on relaxing your body.
  8. You may get an answer within these minutes, but you may have to wait because answers often come later when you least expect them.
  9. During this exercise you have opened yourself up to the energies, so when you are finished imagine that you are pulling your aura up like a cloak. Place a protective symbol – such as a cross or ankh – in front of you, behind you, on either side of you, below and above you. It would be good to draw a circle of golden light around you.
  10. Then open your eyes.
  11. Be patient! Repeat this exercise daily until you get the answers to the questions.

As you gradually get used to communicating with your angel, ask your questions in quiet moments, such as when you are walking, driving or sitting in the garden. However, be sure to get your mind to stop racing long enough to hear the answer. You can also ask for clarification just before falling asleep.

The answer may come in the next few days in your dream or as an awareness.

Answers don’t always come the way you expect. You might have a sudden thought or an insight, but more likely you’ll hear a friend say something that will give you the answer. You may also hear it on the radio or read it in a book. The spiritual guides will ensure that you get the answer to your question in some way. Your job is to stay alert and listen.