Why Baba Vanga chose to live in the Rupite region

Why Baba Vanga chose to live in the Rupite region

In 1974, the police broke into Baba Vanga’s home, searched through all her belongings and issued a warrant forbidding her to prophesy. It was a very difficult moment for her, her health deteriorated and she was admitted to Governmental Hospital. After Lyudmila Zhivkova’s intervention and a personal meeting with Todor Zhivkov, the warrant was cancelled and from 1975 she was again officially allowed to prophesy. Baba Vanga was appointed as a civil servant with the municipality, there were fees defined for her services, she had a keeper and later on a lady to look after her (aunty Vitka).

Since then, the prophetess started going to the Rupite area and accepting people there more often. She used to tell many of her relatives and those close to her  that Rupite is an extraordinary place, with ancient and rich history, an area with strong energy  that helps her recharge and relax from the constant pressure.

“There are a lot of historical moments, important  events and factors which made Baba Vanga choose Rupite as her preferred place to live “, her close acquaintance Simeon Smilkov from Petrich tells us. “ The Kozhuh mountain, which is right in front of her little house, is an extinct volcano; underneath the Rupite there is an antique village – Petra, destroyed by the lava during the eruption of the volcano. Baba Vanga chose this area also because of the hot springs – because of their energy”

What is the secret of the Rupite? Why has Baba Vanga chosen this specific place to find peace and live there for decades in her modest little house, surrounded by flowers, among the vapors of the thermal waters? Here is what the prophetess shared:

Thousands of years ago, on the 15th of October, a volcano erupted. A large town and thousands of innocent people were buried underneath  the fiery lava. They were tall, big people, dressed in thin, shimmering clothes as if from tinfoil. They were very educated people.

The river, flowing through their city was full of gold, and each newborn was dipped in its waters. The town doors were adorned with huge gilded animals with wings.

On that spot there used to be three large temples – “Saint Petka”, “Saint Mary” and “Saint Panteleimon”. The fiery abyss that devoured this town, is now sending us its hot vapors to heal us. These are the exhales of the innocent people who died here. My plea to all of you, is to continue to commemorate this day, to honor the memory of all people who have died all that time ago.

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

Long ago on this spot there was a big town. What temples there were, what beautiful nature… One day this town will be resurrected. There will be more churches here… And many monuments as well, with no “blind people” to destroy them… This valley holds a lot of power. It is an extraordinary place – a large landing spot for ships of extraterrestrials. They come here, right before my doorstep… I once had a dream in which Saint Petka appeared and told me” I want you to come and live here…” She said: “Build a church, the same as the one that was here before, and dedicate it to Saint Petka of Bulgaria.”

The thermal water here at the Rupite has great healing power. It is magical. You can drink it or bathe in  it. It can cure illnesses of the stomach, kidneys, liver, muscle atrophy, backache. It can cure everything. Let your children walk barefoot here, bathe in the water.

But don’t try making money from this spring! People come here, digging, excavating… You should know that this spring cannot be turned into a business. If you start selling this water it will disappear, and God knows only where it will reappear. Look after this water. I’ve been telling you, times will come when you will sell your gold jewelry for water!

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The excerpt for this article was taken from Baba Vanga Predictions – Luxurious Edition (In Bulgarian) by Zheni Kostadinova

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